Links of the Week Jan 25th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week Jan 25thHere’s the weekly wrap-up of worthly tech news and a few extra tidbits.  Enjoy!

  •  Tech’s all-time top 25 flops - These pivotal moments are the history you don’t want to repeat. To plan for the future you have to understand the past.
  • AT&T iPhone Google Deal Pits Apple Against Blackberry - Google teaming up with AT&T and Apple against Blackberry… NO, I love my blackberry
  • Facebook Taps Users To Create Translated Versions of Site. Spanish, French and German Available Now - Let the grunts do the work
  • 10 Social Media Presentations - Great resource to come back to when putting together a presentation about social media!
  • Going Green Could Save Government $1 Billion in Five Years - The annual savings by the feds using more energy efficient PCs would be equivalent to conserving 1.3 billion barrels of oil, for example. WOW!
  • Microsoft Commits $234 Million To Put PCs In Schools - The company said it aims to reach 270 million people with the second stage of its Partners in Learning program.
  • How to Track RSS Subscribers using Meta Refresh in Google Analytics - Setting up RSS tracking in Google Analytics. I know that Feedburner is awesome, but this looks promising.
  • Benchmarking Your Blog Post Quality… So You Can Improve - Very admirable idea that’s worth some more thought.
  • Blu-ray players grab 93 percent of market after Warner went Blu - Wow. Check the article this happened in one week time going from 60% to 93%… I think I posted something about this the other week… so can I say “I told you so” at this point or still too early!?
  • The Ultimate Student Resource List - Excellent list of student resources. Ok the list might be a little overkill, but sometimes having too much to choose from is a good thing. I think this is one of those times.
  • TED Talks: The story of a passionate life – Dr. Dunlap - Dr. Dunlap’s, president of Wofford College, speech from TED 2007. A wonderful presentation and I’m happy to say that’s our president. If you can set aside twenty minutes for a weave of storytelling an inspiration I highly recommend this one!
  • Color Schemes, Color Palettes, Color Theory - Large list of links to online Color Resources for Designers
  • 100 Best Companies to Work For 2008: Full list - Google tops the list of best employers for the second year in a row
  • Great Student Videos - College Web Guy put this nice little collection of College Student videos. If you haven’t seen them I recommend checking them out.
  • Google Health Coming Soon? - Google attempting to tackle the digitization of the US health care system  a future possibility… wow.
  • Open Source Poised for Surge in Education - Open source software will nearly double in the education space over the next four years.
  • How the Wireless Spectrum Auction Could Change Your Life - The auction of the 700MHz spectrum could significantly change the mobile and wireless landscape in the United States. Another one of my predictions made some follow-up worth news this past week.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I’ll have my Facebook report by the end of the day so stay tuned.

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