Links of the Week March 21th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week March 21thSome interesting data came out this week about the first two weeks of Yahoo! Buzz. From initial reactions it looks like Buzz could be what takes social bookmarking fully mainstream. Two good articles to read Yahoo Buzz: Yahoo Reveals Stats From The First Two Weeks and Yahoo Buzz is a Game Changer for Social Media; And Spells Trouble for Digg!.

Also really interesting news has come out about the Wireless Spectrum auction from back in January. Maybe you remember my 2008 mobile phone prediction post? Looks like things are beginning to take shape?  You can read more about this So, Did Google Win Or Lose The Spectrum Auction? and In Spectrum Auction, Winners Are AT&T, Verizon and Openness.

Now time to the links.  I felt like this week I was letting everyone down because I was so busy at Google Analytics training a good portion of the week and feel like I missed a whole bunch of good stuff.  Looking at these links there was a lot that I didn’t miss.  Enjoy!

  • Five Methodologies to Deal with Email Overload - An interesting read. I’ll present a 6th methodology. RSS your email.
  • Google sees mobile search on the rise - Ease of use, increased speed, and flat-rate data plans are all helping mobile search grow in popularity. Google’s dominance was starting to flatline… so it looks like they found another market to dominate.
  • 15 Free Social Media White Papers and Ebooks - Some more free resources to add to the list from last week. Looks like there might be some good stuff here for Administrators who are still struggling to understand Social Media.
  • Fynanz | The Student Loan Marketplace- Fynanz is an innovative marketplace where students get one of the most competitive rates on private student loans. Students apply for loans which are funded by individual lenders…
  • Self Orientation Begins on Facebook (What are you doing about yours?)- A number of Class ofgroups on Facebook are in full swing, do you know where yours is? Also Jack the future student responds to this post: The Most Powerful Communicator in the Class of 2012: Jack Responds
  • Ultimate Google Analytics Resources - A great list of resources for Web Analytics
  • Interactive Media for Higher Education: ClubRed - UNL’s Admitted Student Social Network- Seth shares some more information about ClubRed that University of Nebraska-Lincoln uses for recruiting students.
  • Google LatLong: It’s your world. Map it. - Google Maps now has a wiki feature where you can edit map entries. Really cool!
  • WordPress 2.5 Sneak Peek
  • Apple - Safari - Safari 3.1 released for Mac & PC
  • New Mashable Feature: Make Video Comments on Posts - Is this the future of commenting? Wow this is crazy!
  • SEO Tip: Almost 7 Ways To Re-Optimize Your Posts - If you use Google Analytics, you’re sitting on a very valuable keyword research tool that’s free, accurate and can tell you so much about your readers.
  • 12 Must-Have Tools for Active Digg Users- These tools are mainly for end users of Digg and not content publishers. If you enjoy the Digg community and want to participate actively, these will help.
  • Resumes Are Dead. Your Blog is Your Resume. (Still). - It’s never been easier to build that Brand Called You: if you’re still not doing it, what are you waiting for? Start your blog today!
  • How Search Really Works: The Compressed Index - Although a little advanced, still a very nice look at how a search engine works by analysing the Index
  • China Becomes Largest Web Surfing Country In The World - BDA China, a Beijing-based consulting and research firm has announced that there are 220 million Web surfers in China, a number which slightly surpasses the 217 million in the United States and makes the country the largest Internet-connected population i
  • Web Has Unexpected Effect on Journalism - The Internet has profoundly changed journalism, but not necessarily in ways that were predicted even a few years ago, a study on the industry released Sunday found.
  • Steve Jobs Was Only Half-Right: People Do Read - Even Kids - They Just Do It Online - When Amazon introduced their e-book reader, the Kindle, Steve Jobs made a strong proclamation regarding the book industry that received a lot of attention: “It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore”…
  • Wikipedia article traffic statistics- A nice tool to see visits to Wikipedia articles
  • How To Optimize Images For Search Engines, Social Media and People - Some great tips to optimizing web images for different markets.
  • Discussing the role of enterprise wikis - In an interview, Socialtext co-founder Ross Mayfield discusses the ways enterprise wikis can help boost productivity and enhance worker communication and collaboration
  • Google Unveils Tools to Integrate Its Digitized Books Into Campus Library Catalogs - This week Google unveiled a set of software protocols that allow libraries to essentially merge Goolge’s collection with their own.
  • Goodbye, P2P! P4P is Coming - P4P’s goal is to reduce backbone traffic and lower network operation costs.
  • Flickr Video Said To Be Launching Next Month

Happy Easter!