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Talk Documentation to Me

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me that lasted longer than a few minutes, you know the one thing that will keep me talking is end-user documentation.  Whether you are writing documentation for your implementation of a CMS, a migration from one application to another, or simple instructions on using a Web form or [...]

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Spring Cleaning: Finding your lost sock. The guide to content audits.

So how long has it been since you did a Web content audit on your institution’s homepage? A year? Two? Never? I’m not talking about just surfing from page to page making sure everything checks out but a real content inventory of every page and inspection of the content quality.

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Best practices for training content contributors

The driving force of any web site is the content contributors, the people who know every detail of their department and hold the key to student success. These are the people you want publishing web content. What they have is value, the closer you can get them to the content creation process the better.

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