Website Analytic Tracking

These resources all provide website analytic tracking for free. Some of the resources provide advanced features for a cost, and that is noted. All these resources require code to be installed. Also as in every list, I’ve ordered the resourced from most valuable to least. For a detailed comparison read my postTest Results: Comparing 11 Free Web Analtyic Services.

  • Google Analytics - Besides being free this is a must install for anyone serious about tracking web traffic.
  • Feedburner -Feedburner is the ultimate resource for tracking RSS subscribers and information. It also provides some additional benefits to your feeds to unload some of the requirements on your server and to standardize the feed to web standards. A must for any blog.
  • Quantcast - This is a great resource for gathering analytical data about a site. What makes it unique is the demographic data that it pulls. I have no idea how accurate this information is, but it is really cool. Set this up today!
  • Enquisite - This tool allows you to track and monitor search trends. It is a nice supplement to Google Analytics
  • Clicky - This is a pretty cool tracking service. It does allow real time tracking which is a VERY nice feature. Also Clicky can pull in your feedburner data which is an added perk. It should be noted that Performancing metrics seems to be an exact or very close exact copy of Clicky. I haven’t test them though so I’m not exactly sure. To give you an example I stumbled a post on my site and then set back and watched the hits roll through the clicky web interface. It was pretty mind-blowing.
  • Statcounter -
  • BlogTracker -
  • Site Meter -
  • MyBlogLog - Besides the community aspect that MyBlogLog allows you to build this site also allows you to track your site stats.
  • CrazyEgg - This site does let you start off with a free account, but limits what you can do. Specializes in Heatmaping.
  • WebSTAT - although they offer plans that cost money they do offer a Basic edition that is free up to 20,000 visits per month.