11. November 2010


edUi 2010 Conference Wrap Up

By Nick DeNardis - This week I attended the edUi conference in Charlottesville, VA. The conference focuses on the universal methods and tools of user interface and interaction design as well as the unique challenges of producing websites and applications for large institutions. edUi is a perfect opportunity for web professionals at institutions of learning including: higher education, K-12 [...]

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1. November 2010


Understanding Marketing Funnels and Conversion Activities

Last week I talked about the value of an applicant so this week I want to continue that conversation up the channel and identify items on a website that also have value tied to this process.  Let’s be honest the first thing that every school just like any other business has to understand is that [...]

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28. October 2010


[ Survey ] Getting to Know Our Catalogs

Everyone has one. We all face the same basic challenges when it comes to moving this once exclusively print document to the realm of the web. Let’s share some information and start looking more deeply at this challenge. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated, and we encourage everyone to forward this survey on to those [...]

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26. October 2010


Exactly How Much Is An Applicant Worth To Your College or University?

People love the term ROI.  It’s such a sexy term, but quite frankly I think it’s something that is regularly ignored in the world of higher education web.  This could be partially due to the fact that it’s a term loved by people with MBAs. And let’s be honest, most web people went down another [...]

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22. October 2010


Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed

When developing a social media policy, it is important to remember the nature of “social media” as a web platform. By creating an official presence for your college or university on a social media platform, you are immediately opening a dialogue with your audience. With every post you make, you’re engaging in a conversation that [...]

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21. October 2010


#heweb10 - Managing Projects in Web Development

Daniel Frommelt (@Frommelt), University World Wide Web Coordinator from the University of Wisconsin, gave a sobering statistic in his presentation of Web Development Projects: people only retain 50% of what people say only an hour after a meeting. Two weeks later, they only remember 25%.

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21. October 2010


#heweb10 - Content Strategy: Key to Effective Web Content

Rick Allen (@epublishmedia) began his session with the statement: “The moment you add content to a website, you become a publisher. Shouldn’t you act like one?”

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18. October 2010


Can’t Make it to Stamat’s Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference? Think Again!

Fall is certainly prime time for the best in higher education conferences. With HighEdWeb and EDUCAUSE already in the bag, this week the spotlight turns to the Stamat’s Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference, aka #simtech10. And while the conference is seriously not to be missed, there are probably a lot of folks out there who simply [...]

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15. October 2010


My top takeaways from #heweb10

Wow. Just wow. Another year, another epic HighEdWeb conference. This is truly becoming my “must attend” event of the year (and, yes kids, I place it at a much higher premium than things like South By Southwest or An Event Apart). The caliber of the presentations this year blew me away, and I’m kind of [...]

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