#heweb10 - Managing Projects in Web Development

Daniel Frommelt (@Frommelt), University World Wide Web Coordinator from the University of Wisconsin, gave a sobering statistic in his presentation of Web Development Projects: people only retain 50% of what people say only an hour after a meeting. Two weeks later, they only remember 25%.

And he’s right, I don’t remember half of what he said. Rule Number One: DOCUMENT.

The biggest nugget I took from his presentation:  always identify the following at the beginning of a project, and make sure there is agreement between all the parties involved.

  • Stakeholders: Who is involved in the project and have input in the process?
  • Requirements: What is the project intended to accomplish?
  • Resources: What do we have to accomplish the project?
  • Deliverables: What is the project team going to deliver?
  • Schedule: What is the project timeline? What are the milestones?
  • Risk: What are the consequences of not doing this project, what are the consequences of doing this project?

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Jeff Stevens

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