Jack of many trades master of none

I just read a post over on Eric Stoller’s blog about the many jobs that he has had.  I thought what a great idea and a wonderful way for readers to know a little bit more about this guy who claims to be a .eduGuru!  So Eric here’s responding to your question and to any readers, I think I might have a few of you out there, here is a little information about me.

Hats that I’ve worn

  • Grocery store Bagger, Janitor, Stocker
  • Dish washer
  • Salkehatchie - From a camper all the way up through site director.  Salkehatchie is like Habitat for Humanity except associated with the United Methodist Church.  When you go for a week a year for ten years you work your way up from a lowly camper to a site director.
  • Construction worker - That’s right I’ve operated a bulldozer, track hoe, back hoe, skid steer, packer, pan, and dump truck.  In fact I learned how to drive a stick on a one ton truck.
  • PC Bench Technician
  • Cutco Knives Salesman
  • Camp Counselor - running through the woods with kids from age 6-14 for a summer is much more than a job. 
  • IT Help Desk Technician
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Database Reporting  and Web Programmer
  • Dixie Youth Head Baseball Coach
  • College Webmaster
  • USSSA baseball Assistant Coach

Many Hats Tell Many Tall Tales

This was a good refresher for myself, and it is about time I update my resume anyway.  Looking back I’ve done a little bit of lots of things, but I definitely do not feel like a master of anything.  Isn’t that a little ironic as my current job is “Webmaster”? 

Just yesterday I helped a buddy of mine build a deck.  It was definitely a lot of fun to get together and build something that I’m sure he will spend many afternoons enjoying.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel like a professional carpenter.  Fortunately, we built a solid deck that should be able to survive decades.  So maybe there is value to having a construction hat ready whenever that skill is needed, just like some of the other hats that I keep. 

In conclusion, maybe .eduGuru isn’t the most appropriate name for this blog?

So the challenge, should you choose to accept, is what various and different hats have you worn?

6 Responses to “Jack of many trades master of none”

  1. Says:

    Unlike “strollers,” I can go up or down escalators… Stoller only has one “r” ;-)

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    Sorry. It seems like it’s impossible to edit enough to catch everything. Luckily with the web it’s SO easy to fix something like this.

  3. Says:

    No worries…a lifetime of being called “stroller” has made me a bit paranoid :-)

    PS: I didn’t know that you read my little blog btw…

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    Yeah man. Been reading it for a few weeks now. I’m always looking for new knowledge out there specifically related to Higher Education technology.

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    It is a very friendly dialog between you. Sorry if I distract you. If I understand well each hat likes a symbol which means a new job in your life. As for my hats I have worn a lot too. But it is not compared with your quantity.

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    Thanks Kyles, thanks for the information and for sharing with us. Nice post..!