Introducing Wofford’s Redesigned Newsroom

Ok so this was really launched last week, but most likely you wouldn’t have known unless I told you.  So introducing the redesigned Wofford Newsroom!

wofford newsroom screenshot 450 Introducing Woffords Redesigned Newsroom
The Newsroom Page

wofford news release screenshot 450 Introducing Woffords Redesigned Newsroomwofford news release screenshot 450 Introducing Woffords Redesigned Newsroom
An Example News Release

Although we had links to video, blogs, and social bookmarking on the old template we are attempting to do a better job to attract individuals to these options.  For a social bookmarking option AddThis was chosen over ShareThis, or any number of other options, mainly because the color scheme meshes well with the rest of our site.  AddThis allows users to submit content to multiple Social Bookmarking sites and provides you with some tracking, although very basic.  I’ll be the first to admit that ShareThis probably has the market share and with their recent $15 million funding will probably be the long term winner of this quickly becoming essential feature. 

From additional testing I would also say ShareThis has better tracking and a better widget, but I’ll save all this for a post another day.

3 Responses to “Introducing Wofford’s Redesigned Newsroom”

  1. Says:

    Really nice, Kyle. Lot of thought behind it. Who is responsible for the student blogs, videos, photos for download, calendar, etc? I do think list of who all is responsible for keeping the site updated would make a good follow-up post.

  2. Says:

    See, yet another reason I’m glad to have found your blog.

    This is a great newsroom.

    We have been discussing them at Would you like to join that social network, Kyle? You’d be a great asset.

    Hope you’ll visit and check it out:

  3. Says:

    Thank you very much Founderfor this demonstration. And you know I’m happy to find your blog. The newsroom pages are really colored. It’s a nice redesigned project.