Introducing Wofford’s new Sights & Sounds Page

I just wanted to write a quick post to promote Wofford’s new Sights & Sounds page.  Previously we had one page for Sights & Sounds and one for our Videos.  In an effort to consolidate and rebrand the sections we went through a redesign and yesterday the page went live! 

I am extremely proud of what Wofford does with videos and this new page is the hub to view videos, take tours, read blogs, sign up for email updates and receive RSS feeds.  If you have a second check out the page and leave me some feedback here.  I’m sure there are things that we can do better that I haven’t even thought about yet, but maybe you have?

sightsSounds450 Introducing Woffords new Sights & Sounds Page

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    Nice page. I rambled around a bit on videos and blogs. I really like what you guys are doing. I did feel that the four-minute videos were a bit long. Funny, the one with the student talking about the midevil translation seemed a little boring at first, then I really started getting into it.
    I would be curious to see stats on the videos and the blogs. Do high school students watch the videos? Do they read and respond to the blogs? (I saw a few responses on the student from Mars’ blog; what was interesting was that they responded to the sunburn blog-the human touch).
    Anyway, it’s obvious you’ve put a ton of time and thought into the page and the contents, and they work. Congratulations. Well done!

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    I actually do have data posted about some of the stats on video and blogs. As far as breaking it down into demographic data that’s a little trickier.

    Web Stats for Feb

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    Very cool site. Do you have a contract with Brightcove to serve the videos?

    If so, what math did you use to use them as a vendor vs. streaming your own vids on your site?

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    Alec, Thanks! The local newspaper, Spartanburg Herald Journal, is owned by the New York Times. The NY Times are part owners of Brightcove so the paper gets a really good plan for a great deal. (I hope I’m telling that correctly).

    Anyways, they have been kind enough to let us use the service FOR FREE this year. The relationship has had some bumps in the road and isn’t perfect, but the price was definitely right and we have been able to work through the rough patches successfully.

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    Very interesting, Kyle. We should all have an “insider friend” in situations like that!

    Did the Brightcove platform come with that right-side menu or did you develop that yourself?

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    Yes it did. Brightcove has a few different options on players and that is one with the channels and everything. You simply tag the videos to assign a channel or multiple channels to a video. The whole thing clean piece of java code added to the page and that’s it.