Links of the Week June 13th, 2008

linkoftheweek Links of the Week June 13th, 2008It’s been one of those wild weeks. I’m not really sure why or how, just seems like drama has made it to new levels on so many fronts. Summer school has been plugging away nicely and to think I only have three classes and in a week and a half will be finished with another class. This weekend has way to much craziness going on, besides being Friday the 13th, tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. Last year for her 60th birthday she wanted to go to a Cubs game which they won, but kind of ironic a year later that those same Cubbies just completed a sweep of our beloved Bravos.

Cubs game 2007 Birthday

Not as exciting this year, but we are planning to take her to a Greenville Drive game tonight. Yes we have molded her into quite a good Braves fan and a good baseball fan in general! Also most of you probably know that Sunday is Father’s day… so yeah! It’s a two birds with one stone weekend, with some sort of voodoo witch magic thrown into the pot! Wild huh!?

Anyways onto the link goodness which is why you are really reading this:

  • Facebook No Longer The Second Largest Social Network - It was sort of inevitable given Facebook’s monster growth over the last few years, but April 2008 was the milestone: Facebook officially caught up to MySpace in terms of unique monthly worldwide visitors, according to data released by Comscore and shown.
  • A Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign - Case study of using Facebook for successful marketing
  • - Review on KillerStartups - Edustyle write-up on KillerStartups. How exciting is this? Congratulations Stewart, and thanks for all the hard work you put into the site.
  • Hiwise: Google Up, Yahoo Down in Search for May, 2008 - Know which search engines to concentrate your efforts on…
  • Why Don’t The Numbers Match?!? - A question any practitioner of Internet-based analytics will be asked by many different stakeholders is, “Why don’t the numbers match?”
  • Title-tags for dummies? SEO basics explained - How to teach prospects and clients the principles of SEO? It’s a whole different ballgame than talking to your fellow-SEOs.
  • What the new iPhone means to higher ed web folks - Mike Richwalsky gives us some reasons to consider what the iPhone could bring to campuses.
  • Twitter for Librarians: The Ultimate Guide - A rather interesting little guide digging into finding useful reasons for college librarians to Twitter

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    Ramon Eijkemans Says:

    Thnx for the link Kyle! Greetz, Ramon Eijkemans


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    Melissa Cheater Says:

    Thanks so much! I’m behind on my feeds and missed some of these


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    High rank Says:

    Stunning blog post about search engine optimization. I’m honestly amazed that that hasn’t been stated before.


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