Links of the Week June 6th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week June 6thHopefully everyone is actually getting as much work done as we are now that summer has arrived. It amazes me that people don’t realize that tech people at colleges and universities get all their work done during the summer when we don’t have the daily interruptions with people’s perceived emergencies. If your curious what other College Summer Web Projects are check out the Summer Project discussion over on University Web Developer that I started a while back.

I’ve started playing a little bit with both FriendFeed and Plurk this week so if it’s something you’re thinking about or already on come friend me. If your wondering what the heck Plurk is Wayne Smallman over at Blah, Blah Technology has written a few pieces about it and his postWhat is Plurk?, is a rather helpful read.

Also if you missed my Bronto webcast the other week about Email Marketing the podcast along with a case study is posted in Bronto’s Success Stories. As mentioned before, I’ll also be presenting on Email Marketing for Higher Education at the eduWEB conference in late July.

Now to the lucky seven links of the week, and one to grow on!

  • Segmenting and Integrating Facebook Social Ads - Head of Marketing shares some awesome examples of Facebook ads for higher education.
  • Yale Launches On-line Environmental Magazine - Yale University has launched a a new online magazine devoted to covering the global environment.
  • Studying Students Social Network Usage - Associate Director DeNardis at Wayne State performed a rather interesting study over the weekend. Interesting data about homepage traffic and social networks.
  • Which CSS Grid Framework Should You Use for Web Design? - Great find and share by Todd Barber shared through the High Ed Web Group on Mixx.
  • Does the Web Really Matter in This Election? - The web does matter… well sort of… The big takeaway is the fundraising power of the web and I think that can be applied to college campaigns.
  • Tracking Reactions on the Web - Explanations In Plain English - Whenever Common Craft publishes a new video about a web app or theory in “Plain English” it’s pretty much assured to go viral. Here’s a post about what they do to track the reaction. Very telling.
  • Press Releases: Which Of These Rookie Mistakes Are You Making? - Basic rookie mistakes of publishing press releases these days.
  • College Alumni Magazines Struggle to Compete With Facebook - As CollegeWebEditor initially shared this is a story worth checking out. The advent of social networking Web sites has created a quandary for alumni magazines, which have been slow to embrace the Web. Also Karine it’s good to see you back blogging again!

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    Thank for the pimp :-)

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    Thanks, James. Blogging suffered from my work on a feature-long article for UB - on a topic a bit out of my usual comfort zone.

    Now back in full swing. Love the Friday Links, and I found Head of Marketing ’s post really interesting as well.

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    James, thank you for the mention.

    Great to make the Friday links.

    Speak soon, and have a great weekend…


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    [...] Found like so many other great links, via Founder at .eduGuru’s Links of the Week. [...]