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The Web Design Triangle - It’s A Crutch!

The following is a guest post by Web ManagerMcCready. Web Manageris the web services manager at a college in Canada. He has been involved web development for 10 years with a focus on education and the Web for the last 3 years.  He posts regularly to his blog, www.mikemccready.ca, where the topics focus on higher [...]

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Links of the Week June 20th

Since the week started out with such a powerful debate about Higher Education bloggers and their need to market themselves…  hum…  I better just leave it at that.  If you missed out and want to read the whole conversation head on over to Andrew’s post Higher Ed Bloggers: Show Your Power! and you can follow [...]

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Links of the Week June 6th

Hopefully everyone is actually getting as much work done as we are now that summer has arrived. It amazes me that people don’t realize that tech people at colleges and universities get all their work done during the summer when we don’t have the daily interruptions with people’s perceived emergencies. If your curious what other [...]

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