Links of the Week July 3rd

Well tomorrow is the 4th of July so hopefully you won’t be waiting for my Friday links of the week because I’ll be off having a merry time down in Charleston, SC for the weekend.  Last Friday’s day trip to New York City and the Subway Series was incredible and I don’t know if I ever fully caught up this week.  We actually ended up hitting up games in both Yankee and Shea Stadiums on Friday.  Me not really being a fan of either team, ok I hate them both, enjoyed the fact that each team was blown out at home.  You probably don’t care, but if you’re interested here’s a link to the pictures from the New York City Subway Series trip.

I don’t seem to be able to do a good job of sticking to seven picks each week do I?  I do promise that these reads are worth the time.

  • Over on the Compete blog they recently published a two part series with Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik.  Part one digs into some interesting things like Web Analytics 2.0 which I’ve even recently explored.  Part two goes into tools and how to use and leverage these resources to find meaningful data.
  • Update on Facebook Ads - I linked to Head of Marketing ’s post about setting up a Facebook Ads campaign a while back, well she posted the results this past week. The big takeaway is you still have to be adapting. Figure out what works and keep it and what didn’t throw it out and try someth
  • Search Engine Rankings Are Old School - While exciting to see your self rank, focusing on rankings is not the best strategy when it comes to showing value. Here’s why.
  • 5 Common Crawlability Mistakes That Kill Your SEO Success - Crawlability is often overlooked in the name of creativity and coding, but it’s as important to your SEO efforts as content development, link building, and any other element of the SEO Success Pyramid. Ignore it at your own risk.
  • The five C’s of social media - I really enjoyed this read. We have the four P’s of marketing so why not five C’s of social marketing?
  • Adobe Announces Flash will be Crawlable - You have probably heard the annoucement of Flash being more SEO and crawl friendly, but Web Managerat HighEdWebTech gives us the scoop from a Higher Education angle.
  • Top 10 College Career Services Blogs - Willy Franzen gives an interesting list of College Career Services Blogs. Good forward to send to Career Service offices to think about new ways of reaching their audience.
  • Email Marketing Tips - This is a comprehensive without being too long and great rules for email marketing.
  • Hacking The Facebook Platform For Data Portability - There’s one thing about Facebook that most people still seem to have wrong: that it ’s a walled garden. Quite the contrary, the Platform allows for full data portability and has since its inception. It actually isn’t a walled garden at all.
  • How to get a branded YouTube channel for your institution in just a few easy steps - It was never easily explained how to go about getting a branded YouTube Channel for a college… until now. Thanks Karine!

Finally your funny video of the week. You have probably heard that Bill Gates retired from Microsoft recently.  Well this hilarious video was put out back in January and if you missed it it’s definitely worth the view!  Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

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    Hilarious video! Happy Fourth.

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    Just wanted to stop by and say “thanks” for picking up my blog post “Search Engine Rankings Are Old School”