Links of the Week July 19th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week July 19thI know I missed publishing these on Friday like normal, but it’s been a very difficult last few days.  Long story short my father was performing a funeral Thursday morning when he collapsed and was taken to the hospital.  I just returned from the Greenwood hospital spending the morning with him.  He’s in good spirits, but it’s not good.  He has some swelling of the brain and a very large sized mass in his brain.  He’s having a biopsy of the brain performed Monday morning when we will know more.  We aren’t certain, but it’s most likely cancer and a very rapid and large case deep inside his brain.  There is no need to respond, but any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Guess I need to start packing for eduWEB2008 this coming week in Atlantic City.  Here’s some good links.

  • The Power of FREE! - Some interest observations into the power of free in marketing.
  • Why The Google Keyword Tool Is Useless For SEO, Even With Exact Numbers - For most people who aren’t hardcore keyword junkies this is probably over your head, but I think it’s valuable knowledge and I need to rethink some of my earlier statements based on it. More about this to come later.
  • On Doing Things. - Drew starts a great discussion about getting through the web politics and actually getting to work. What’s your experience? Go leave a comment.
  • Online SEO Tools - the Ultimate Collection - Title says it all…
  • A look at Microformats for Higher Education - Jesse Rodgers shares his year in the making research of Microformats. A rather extensive report that compares ten college websites and applying what is learned to a mock-up of University of Waterloo home page.
  • Video Optimization and Analytics: A closer look at YouTube Insight - This is the first real information I’ve seen about optimizing videos for the web and SEO. Really good next level of thinking type stuff.
  • Web content categories for higher ed - Here’s a new blog for you. David Baker who is the Director of Web Communications at Oregon State just started up this puppy. This quality post breaks down higher education content into three easy to understand categories

Finally here is a video of Sports Mascot Bloopers.  See you in Atlantic City!

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    I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the prognosis turns out to be better than what it seems. Best wishes to you and your family. - Heidi

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