Links of the Week September 19th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week September 19thAnother week in the books.  I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get the excitement itch about the upcoming HighEdWeb Conference.  I guess the itch finally started to set in after I finished my slides for the presentation I’m giving.  60+ slides of goodness later and I’m ready to go!  You have also probably noticed that I’m really pumping out the Analytics post lately?  Well it’s all part of this presentation preparation and I guess just getting you ready for it also.  If your going to the conference and you read this blog well you better make it a point to introduce yourself because at eduWEB meeting all you awesome people is the most exciting part of the conference!  So if that wasn’t enough HighEdWeb also has a Ning group created for the conference and I started a thread the beginning of the week to see who else is arriving Saturdayso if you fall in that category drop a line to let the rest of us know.  If having a Ning group for the conference wasn’t cool enough one of the Keynote speakers is the director of marketing for Ning and his name is Kyle, therefore he has to be cool!

Well enough of my ramblings, onto what you really care about this post for.

  • To NoFollow or To NoIndex That is the Question - A detailed post going into the differences between NoFollow and NoIndex when to use each and other juicy information on the subject.
  • Browser battle: Firefox 3.1 vs. Chrome vs. IE 8 - Mozilla’s second alpha release of Firefox 3.1 ups the ante in its browser battles with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome
  • Eight Rules for Choosing Web Analytics Key Performance Indicators - The Eight Avinash Rules for Entering KPI Heaven. Is there really any need to explain it any farther?
  • Demystifying the “duplicate content penalty” - From the Google Webmaster Central Blog: Let’s put this to bed once and for all, folks: There’s no such thing as a “duplicate content penalty.” At least, not in the way most people mean when they say that.
  • As Twitter Regains Footing, Competitors’ Growth Stalls - Over the last few months, Twitter’s challenges have been well documented, here and elsewhere. Between issues with uptime, occasional data loss, a reduced feature set, and a difficult relationship with its developer community …
  • AOL’s Luddites Love Their E-Mail More than Google’s Geeks - Thanks to Ron Bronson for sharing this one.  I really like the data that they share about which email clients users use and time spent on each.  What it shows is that although many of us adore GMail there are still a lot of diehard AOL and YahooMail users out there.  I guess I can’t say two much because I still have two Yahoo addresses that I check regularly.  Also just to share a little extra this nice little graphic is wofford’s email breakdown that I pulled from our email marketing account.  Bronoto issued some new upgrades this week and I’m loving the new dashboards with lots of reporting goodness.
  • and the New Age of Digital Cheating in the Classroom - Over on the Student Affairs Blog an interesting discussion about ChaCha being uses for cheating in class.
  • Could There Be More To Google, Android, Chrome, and Gears Than Meets The Eye? - Gears, Android, and Chrome oh might. Hum… is Google producing a perfect storm here? Interesting case presented.

Video of the Week

The SNL version of Tina Fey as Sara Palin was the easy pick, but to me this Director of Web MarketingPhelps skit was just funnier despite it being a little unpolished.  Give the guy a break though he’s the best swimmer in the world not an actor.  So how about for breakfast tomorrow morning you just eat an “actual pig in a blanket”.

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    Bummed that I won’t be at the conference to meet you, Kyle. It’s right in my back yard, practically. But three members of my staff are going, so if you meet anyone from Missouri S&T be good to them. ;)