Links of the Week September 5th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week September 5thIt’s the first week of school back at Wofford.  Wow, what a busy week but it’s almost over and I’m so glad because a fun weekend is planned.  Atlanta Braves game tonight and Six Flags tomorrow.  I really need a break.  Kind of sad because the school year has just started, but with planning for three conference presentations this fall, already three weeks into my MBA class of the semester and all the other projects I’m working on just seems like I’m working way to much lately!

So once again Google seems to have dominated tech news this week with the launch of Google Chrome.  This browser which has been dangled in front of us for years was introduced in a comic strip and a day later released to the public.  Pretty quick turnover.  There is an absolute TON of content already discussing this browser, but I’ll try and keep it short.  I would definitely read Director of Web Marketing’s post he wrote on this blog earlier in the week if you haven’t already.  He nailed it especially with this assessment:

Here’s the bottom line: I don’t plan on looking at Chrome as a web browser.  It is, but it isn’t.  The way it has been developed, the purpose, target, and reason for its being is to serve as an interface portal for increasingly complex and robust web applications.

For most web professionals we have come to depend on our Firefox extensions, but for a normal user who uses IE then changing isn’t a big deal and probably a good move.

  • 10 Key Features That Differentiate Google’s Chrome from Firefox & IE
  • Google Chrome Browser: What You Need To Know

Now to the rest of the links:

  • Wayne State Commercials - If photos say a thousand words then videos must be encyclopedias. We recently took on the task of visualizing the university in five 30 second TV commercials and one complied anthem video. The result was not only visually appealing but also spoke to who we are as a university.
  • CNN Heavily Promoting Twitter On Air, Making Big Moves in Social Media - Out of the hundreds of articles and posts out there on how companies should utilize social media and Web 2.0, CNN seems to be one of the few major corporations out there that have paid attention.
  • SEO and Web Accessibility Come Hand in Hand - While we (surprisingly) seldom see accessibility issues discussed in SEO community, search engine optimizers should definitely both explore and implement accessibility standards:
  • Samsung: “Blu-ray has 5 years left” - Samsung has said that it sees the Blu-ray format only lasting a further 5 years before it is replaced by another format or technology. Read about the new OLED technology of the future.
  • Keep Streaming Videos, the Tubes Are Fine: Report Finds - Pay no attention to rumors that the internet is getting full: the internet can eat 50 eggs.
  • Meet the Parents: Get an exclusive look at Noel-Levitz’s survey results about Parents’ E-expectations - An interesting study about parents online expecations. Reports, data, and knowledge are good!
  • Six Degrees of Separation Is Now Three - Is it time to revise the old saw that everyone in the world is connected by just six degrees of separation? A study from French mobile carrier O2 has found that strangers are more connected to each other than they ever have been.
  • Five ways to repeat yourself effectively - We’ve all had emails that worked particularly well, drawing an unusually high response. Pity, then, we can’t use that same email again and again. Except we can…sort of. Here five ideas: let me know what you think.
  • 58% of people don’t know what social networking is - According to a survey made by market intelligence firm Synovate, well over half the population (58%) across 17 markets of the world does not know what social networking is.
  • Video in Email: Framing the Subject - I think what is most interesting about this post is the fact that they propose video being a very high engagement level in email and a great call to action (potentially the highest return). Isn’t really that hard to test and definitely worth the time.

I’ve been so busy and haven’t really seen any incredible unique videos lately so it’s time to dig up the old stables.  If you haven’t heard about the Leprican in Mobile, Alabama then you are definitely in for a treat!

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    Samsug really hates that much the Blue-ray format? It’s the best optical format in the world, even hd-dvd can’t beat it.

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    Lol, i can’t believe i missed the Leprican in Alabama. Thanks, it is really something to brake the boringness.

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    The most important link “Chrome” is a failure if someone would be addicted to FF. FF has spoiled me to death and I can’t survive without all those tricky plug-ins which have make my life more than busy.

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    Nice and informative post.

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    Samsug really hates that much the Blue-ray format? It’s the best optical format in the world, even hd-dvd can’t beat it.

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