Links of the Week September 26th

If you haven’t read any of the Technorati: State of the Blogosphere then you really need to check it out.  What is a blog?  Which blogs matter.  Are people making money?  These are just some of the questions that they attempt to answer with lots of really interesting data and metrics related to the blogosphere.  One day of reports left to come out and lots of really interested reading especially if you care anything about blogs. If your reading this blog then you probably do.

Update: The full report has been released over multiple pages.  I went ahead and combined them all to one Technorati State of the Blogosphere(pdf).  This thing is 49 pages so be warned.

Also if you haven’t heard, I’m excited to announce that I have gone TROPICAL!  For those of you that have seen Semi-Pro maybe that makes sense?  Anyway I wrote a little post over on my personal blog about Kyle… the Tropical Storm me so head over there if you’re bored.

  • Let me tell you about - Sam Jackson introduction to a new site that he has some hands on experience with.  I’ve talked with Sam about this interested new site and hopefully we will have a guest post on this blog soon with some additional information about Unigo!
  • How to Optimize Your Landing Page - Some great tips and advice about landing pages.
  • College Search 101 - Web Managerat HighEdWebTech just launched a new video series that contain tips and tricks to remember during the college search process. Interesting idea and a cool share.
  • Free and Low Cost Tools to Get the Job Done - Nice list of free tools to assist webmasters and web markets to just get the job done.
  • Building Search Engine Friendly Sites: Common Questions - A list of basic questions and answers to keep in mind when trying to optimize a website.
  • Web 2.0 Expo: The Future of Browsers and the State of AJAX - The big takeaway is that Javascript skills are about to become incredibly relevant to every software development effort out there.
  • Cloud computing leaving relational databases behind - One thing you won’t find underlying a cloud computing initiative is a relational database. And this is no accident: Relational databases are ill-suited for use within cloud computing environments.
  • The Viral Marketing Glossary - A Viral Marketing Glossary that gives actual definitions of the “buzzwords” that get thrown around a lot when talking about viral marketing.
  • Squeezing social media-driven news into a college campus - Andy DeSota talks about some of his challenges and solutions for establishing a social media alternative on a college campus that competes and even challenges the other traditional campus media.

Funny Video of the week honors goes to the I-Rack.  This video still cracks me up when I watch.

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    Thanks for the helpful links and the mention/link out!

    btw also for the laugh..

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    Hmm, never thought of that before, maybe I should have a deeper research done on that.