Sharpening my saw

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” (Closing Time, Semisonic.)

I started graduate school with the hope that I could bring greater value to my current position, and someday advance my career in the field of marketing and communication in higher ed. After three and a half years, I earned my MBA in marketing and management in December.

In November 2008, I met some amazing people at the Stamats SIM Tech Conference, and those connections have been instrumental in much of what I’ve been able to accomplish since. I joined the .eduGuru blogging staff in December 2008, which gave me the opportunity to start blogging for the first time, make some wonderful connections, and became one of the primary forces thrusting me into a whirlwind of conference presentations in 2009.

As is customary for a big life event, such as earning an MBA, I’ve done a lot of thinking about what comes next. While I have lots of ideas, the first decision I’ve made is to focus on starting my own consulting business on the side, including my outpost on While I’ve greatly enjoyed and appreciated the outlet of, I don’t believe in doing anything less than my best at anything (you can ask my friends on Twitter who read about my many travails with my final class last semester). The .eduGuru team are a great group of colleagues and friends who I have a great deal of respect for, and wish nothing but the best to.

I hope you’re not thinking, “oh gosh, not another blog to follow.” I don’t think you should expect much volume from me. I plan to spend the majority of my nights and weekends on my clients and our projects. I want to sharpen my saw and make sure my posts deliver value to the community, and it is important to me that each of them continue to build your trust and confidence.

I welcome your input and feedback and hope you’ll continue to stick around with me over on to see what unfolds. This is not goodbye, it’s see you around. The Web makes the world a smaller place, so I’ll still be in contact with so many fascinating minds and ideas … but can do so in a way that fits better with my new direction in life.

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    As you already know we’ll always be here to help and support. I personally wish you nothing but the best, which I’m sure you will do.

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    Congrats, Rachel, on the move. You’ve provided a lot of value to the online conversation as a doteduguru, and I’m sure your colleagues here will miss you. I wish you all the best, and all the best to the doteduguru folks.