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Guest Post

We would like to extend an invitation to any and all interested to participate in our DMSC Governors Challenge Virtual Institute Summer by 1. submitting media from your students and faculty representing your institutions and/or by 2. registering to judge the media during our Institute using our semantic assessment model.

We also ask you to kindly forward our link to your networks to help us recruit participants: our website is located at

Essentially, Engaged Technology is a marriage of academic service learning/civic engagement and educational technology. Our method integrates active learning and action research in the process of building e.portfolios for students, faculty, institutions and communities based on validated multi-media and service equity.

Over the past four years of our academic media tournament, The Governors Challenge, we have evolved a guided system of:

  1. Omni-disciplinary research and production of multimedia (text, audio, video and image)
  2. Assess and evaluate with our semantic assessment instrument
  3. Analyze/Revise
  4. Publish

Bringing those two resource bases together is an underlying design for our efforts. Partnering with the University of Virginia, UNC-CH, and Tennessee higher education, we will begin our SummerVirtual Institute for the fourth iteration of the Governors Challenge, which has been sponsored by FedEx Institute of University of Memphis, Apple Inc., Microsoft, emma, Echo, and Cisco, Tennessee Board of Regents, University of Tennessee systems and the Tennessee Campus Compact, among others.

Our vision of evolving partnerships would form a strong oversight body for an NCAA-like model of engaged scholarship. With multi-media conveying the content innovations created out of these partnerships and assessment provided from other stakeholders, personal learning spaces can be networked for capacity-building in many different areas and many different ways.

We seek to help evolve educational practice by reaching a broader talent pool of ‘flat-world outliers’ who want to create life/work options that leverage dreams, visions, and potential of heretofore silo-ed talent pools. This NCAA-like model of engaged scholarship embeds the guided learning system that will also function as a platform to engage local pre-k-12 public and private (including faith-based schools) systems to form P-20 Pathways for life-long learning.

Thanks again from our team for your time and consideration. With the Governors Challenge in all 50 states, with a Presidents Award, we can name true national champions (in knowledge challenges), as well as explore and promote personal learning spaces and alternative revenue sources to sustain growth and solvency in a time of radical measures being taken due to budget crises.

More details will be forthcoming, so for now please register to be a part of this ‘serious game,’ as well as read further details about our past efforts and ethos at

This post was written by:

Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley is the Director of Technology Integration at Tennessee State University in Nashville. In the educational space, he creates, research and develop strategies for a home-grown brand of “Engaged Technology” in the educational enterprise.