Introducing New Guru’s @jesskry & @mikepetroff!

Introducing New Guru’s @jesskry & @mikepetroff!

It’s that time again and I’m happy to announce that we have two new writers joining the guru team!  Many of you probably know these two individuals from the contributions to the higher ed web industry.  They have both been guest bloggers here in the past, and they each add a unique area of expertise to the team.

Jessica Krywosa - Director of Web Communications - Suffolk University

Jess has been the Director of Web Communication at Suffolk University for closing in on two years now.  Although newer to higher ed, Jess has been a leader in electronic outreach strategies for grassroots educational non-profits for over ten years. She currently is focused on strengthening virtual relationships with a heavy emphasis on enrollment and retention based efforts. You have probably seen Jess on Twitter and feel free to connect with Jess on LinkedIn.  Her personal website and blog has been a source for great content around web marketing and social media for a while now.  You might even remember Jess from her guest blog post, Integrated Grassroots and Social Media Efforts.

jess krywosa Introducing New Gurus @jesskry & @mikepetroff!

Mike Petroff - Web Manager for Enrollment - Emerson College

Mike is the Web Manager for Enrollment at Emerson College.  He leads web marketing and online recruitment efforts for undergraduate and graduate admission.  Mike also chairs the social media group at Emerson as they work on coming up with cutting edge ways to use the social web to recruit the next generation of students.  You can also follow Mike on Twitter or connect with Mike on LinkedIn.  You might remember his post at the end of last year advising us all on how to Protect your College’s Intellectual Property on Facebook.

mike petroff Introducing New Gurus @jesskry & @mikepetroff!


So help me welcome these two gurus to the team! We look forward to them sharing more of their expertise in the coming months.  I’ve known them both for a while and have had great conversations with them about internet marketing and social media use in higher education. It will be great to have them share these stories in an open manner!

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Kyle James

Kyle James - who has written 227 posts on .eduGuru

Kyle is currently the Customer in Residence at HubSpot, a Co-Founder at nuCloud and  formerly the webmaster at Wofford College. Kyle is an active contributor in the social media spectrum. Although his background is technical, he claims to know a thing or two about marketing, but mostly that revolves around SEO, analytics, blogging, and social media. He has spoken at multiple national conferences and done countless webinars on topics ranging from e-mail marketing to social media and Web analytics. He's definitely a fairly nice guy.

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  1. Avatar image
    Andrew Careaga Says:

    Two great additions to the lineup. Congrats, Jess and Mike. I’m looking forward to your contributions.


  2. Avatar image
    carrie@umass Says:

    As we say in New England, that’s wicked cool!


  3. Avatar image
    Dave Peckens Says:

    It’s nice to see sites add quality vs quantity. Looking forward to new writers perspectives. Congrats!


  4. Avatar image
    Todd Says:

    Woot woot!


  5. Avatar image
    Kati Davis Says:

    Congrats to you both Jessica and Mike! Looking forward to reading your posts in the eduguru space :)


  6. Avatar image
    Edwin Wright Says:

    Looking forward to reading your posts! Congrats.


  7. Avatar image
    Travis Brock Says:

    Looking forward to reading your posts. Congratulations!


  8. Avatar image
    Jenny Mackintosh Says:

    Congrats Mike and Jessica! Recently found this blog and looking forward to hearing more from both of you.


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