Surprise! New Guru Writer -

It’s been quite a while since we added any new writers to the staff, almost a year actually!  So we have been evaluating our gaps and thinking about what area of the web we could be covering better.  We also just recognize an individual that I know we could all learn a few things from.    Without wasting any more of your time let me tell you about this new individual that we are happy to add to the guru staff.

New Guru Writer

 Surprise! New Guru Writer    Everyone help me welcome to the .eduGuru team!  Paul is a Programmer and resident Analyst Expert at the University of Missouri.  You can connect with Paul on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn.  Paul has a lovely wife, Noelle.  He also has two girls,  Annika and Natasha, and one son, Mattias.

I personally remember sitting in Paul’s Cross Site Scripting presentation at HighEdWeb and being blown away by his knowledge.  This same presentation went on to win not only a red stapler but ultimately best of the conference.  Just a few weeks ago an updated version of this session won Paul a second red stapler.  So yeah…  we are adding someone who we, as well as the rest of the community, have recognized as a guru.

Welcome Paul!  The .eduGuru team is happy to have you on board, and we’re ready to soak up more of your expert knowledge.

5 Responses to “Surprise! New Guru Writer - ”

  1. Says:

    Nice work Gilzow! Looking forward to some great stuff from you!

  2. Says:

    Fabulous addition to the .eduGuru team! Terribly envious, but totally ready to read more. Great idea, great person! Plus, he comes with his own staplers.


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    I may be biased, being Paul’s boss, but, I can’t imagine choosing anyone any better to add to your group of writers. We just all count ourselves lucky to get to work with him EVERY day. Congrats Paul!

  4. Says:

    Thank you everyone. I’m truly honored to have been selected, and will do my best not to disappoint.

    Kyle, you picked the absolute WORST picture of me! LOL!

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    Congrats, Paul. Glad to see my alma mater represented here. ;) I look forward to reading your stuff.