Want a .eduGuru T-Shirt? Links of the Week Edition

Head of Marketing and I have been throwing around a few crazy ideas for .eduGuru that for some reason just sounded like a lot of fun.  Lots of free time and not enough work pretty much describe our current work situation…  Doubt it!  So in humoring ourself we prentended like we have a cult following of readers, or two of you, and decided it was time to design a T-Shirt.  Actually this came up a while back but Tony Dunn convinced me that it was time to act.  Did I mention I can’t wait to get my Tales from Redesignland shirt next week!  So in my endless free time I came up with some slogans for the shirt.  Care to vote on your favorite?

.eduGuru T-Shirt

  • this guy/girl is a .eduGuru (30%, 7 Votes)
  • .eduGuru, because the BlogHighEd feed is too cluttered (26%, 6 Votes)
  • .eduGuru - either you get it... or you don't (22%, 5 Votes)
  • .eduGuru if you can't be one wear one (22%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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So we had two different list come out this week giving us the Who’s Who of big shots on the web. PC World gave us the The 50 Most Important People on the Web and BusinessWeek The 25 Most Influential People on the Web.  Sadly I nor anyone else in the Higher Education Web community or anyone who would spend the time of day reading this blog made the list.  Oh well there is always next year.

  • Can You Still Afford to Ignore Blogs and Social Media? -What does all this mean to your business? If your customers are online, especially if they are in the 13-41 age group, they are going to be increasingly using social media tools in the future.
  • Google Analytics Filters - A directory of Google Analytics Filters. Very nice handy site.
  • MySpace Maintains Over 65% Market Share - MySpace.com received 67.54 percent of the market share of U.S. visits in Augustamong a custom category of 56 of the leading social networking websites according to Hitwise.
  • The Future of Widgets on Facebook: Dead -The new Facebook design is killing applications/widgets.
  • For Microsoft shops, Silverlight 2.0 trumps Flash - Silverlight 2.0, which is due in the next few weeks, fixes the flaws of the initial release and gives developers a viable alternative to Flash
  • Tiny Notes Net Big Gains: The Netbook Revolution - You may not know it yet, but the next computer you buy is going to be a netbook. The numbers say so.
  • Smushit.com - optimizing images has just become really easy - Smushit.com allows you to upload some files or give it URL. The tool then takes the images, optimizes them and tells you how many bytes you can save. You then get a zip of all the images for download and can replace them on your site.
  • Cone Finds That Americans Expect Companies to Have a Presence in Social Media -According to theCone Business in Social Media Study, 93% of Americans believe that a company should have a presence on social media sites and 85 percent believe that these companies should use these services to interact with consumers.
  • Reading Blogs at Work: Why You Should Do It & How You Can Make it Worthwhile -It’s really a shame that more people aren’t reading blogs at work, and we don’t just say that because we’d like the increased readership. If you’re not reading blogs at work, you may not be doing your job as well as you could be.

Now that I’m in full school, work, freelancing, and presenting mode my time surfing YouTube for funny videos is really suffering.  Here’s a classic to pull out the bag though.  Enjoy Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing!

See you crazy HighEdWeb people tomorrow…  or Sunday if you don’t arrive until then!

12 Responses to “Want a .eduGuru T-Shirt? Links of the Week Edition”

  1. Says:

    I want one!

  2. Says:

    Some great links here. That video reminds me of Uncle Rico, and his offering of the nylon polymer 24-piece set, and Bust Must.

    I especially enjoyed link about analytics filters. You should really post more on that subject.

  3. Says:

    Thanks for the post about the new Facebook design. I know a lot of people are against it, but I had no idea that it was making widgets and applications useless. I’m sure they have their reasons, but I would think they they would give into the demands of their users and change it back into its old format.

  4. Says:

    “.eduGuru, because the BlogHighEd feed is to cluttered”

    Open to everyone, too cluttered, let everyone join, too cluttered.

    You need to make up your mind.

  5. Says:

    Oh man! I love t-shirts, but really can’t pick a fave out of those…hmm…I’ll vote later. When do the polls close? :-)

  6. Says:

    Hey, here’s a write in vote:

  7. Says:

    SHOOT! It removed part of my comment above! I guess b/c it had some pretend HTML code…I’ll just tell you when I see you. :-P

  8. Says:

    Wow theys are great love the thatcher one lol.

  9. Says:

    Wow. Very nice shirt. I love geek and game shirts :)

  10. Says:

    The Shirt looks really cool. To bad that i am too late ^^

  11. Says:

    That’s an awesome t-shirt, is it still for sale/available?

  12. Says:

    We have a customer special for December which I will extended to your readers and they can take advantage of FREE shipping, no setup or screen charges. For your custom t-shirts see https://www.tshirtspot.com/sales_flyer/dec2009.htm