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Web Manageris the Web Manager for Enrollment at Emerson College in Boston, MA.  He leads web marketing and online recruitment efforts for undergraduate and graduate admission.  Web Manageralso chairs the social media group at Emerson as they work on coming up with ways to use the social web to recruit the next generation of students. You can find him on Twitter at @mikepetroff.

Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed

Friday, October 22,


When developing a social media policy, it is important to remember the nature of “social media” as a web platform. By creating an official presence for your college or university on a social media platform, you are immediately opening a dialogue with your audience. With every post you make, you’re engaging in a conversation that [...]

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Facebook Groups Redesign: What It Means For You

Thursday, October 7,


Facebook announced platform changes to Groups at their offices in Palo Alto on October 6. Mashable has extensive coverage and reactions to the event here, here and here. If you’re currently using Facebook Groups or Pages to communicate with targeted communities, here’s a helpful guide to how the new Groups option will affect you.

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The Power of “Social” in Social Media

Thursday, September 30,


Think about what goes into your social media strategy when launching campaigns. You talk about content, distribution, action, and community management. There’s helpful guides on how to track ROI after you launch a campaign and tools to provide analytics to your team members. If you step back from the computer and think about the true [...]

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Stamats Integrated Marketing Technology Conference Giveaway

Wednesday, August 11,


It’s Vegas, baby! The Stamats Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference will be held October 20-22 in Las Vegas, NV. Some of you folks may already be registered, but for those who haven’t - we’ve got a free giveaway that covers the $499 registration fee!

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Redesign Your University Website According to xkcd

Friday, August 6,


I’m sure most of you saw the University Website xkcd comic last week and shook your fists in the air. The front page of a university website is a battleground, no doubt. Dylan Wilbanks posted a good reaction to the comic on his blog and Steve Kolowich covered it extensively in Inside Higher Ed.

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Travel Recruitment: Why the Web Matters

Friday, July 2,


Admissions Offices usually plan their fall travel season during the summer, based on future recruitment and enrollment goals, establishing good connections with local high schools, or revisiting historically successful fairs. But - how often do recruiters and web/marketing offices meet before travel season begins? There’s a few reasons why your web/marketing team should reach out [...]

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Boston-area #edutweetup on June 12 with special guest Associate Director!

Tuesday, June 8,


The .eduGuru team will host a Boston-area #edutweetup on Saturday, June 12 starting at 8pm. If you’ve been to an #edutweetup in the past, you know that they’re usually good fun and a great way to network with others in related fields. If you’ve never been to a tweetup and want to see what it’s [...]

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Facebook Privacy and Admissions Counselors: Know Your Settings

Wednesday, May 19,


At this point, you’re probably aware of the frenzy over Facebook’s complicated privacy settings. Major news outlets are covering it, a Quit Facebook Day campaign started, and new Facebook apps are emerging that promise to secure your privacy again.

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5 Tips for Running a Productive Social Media Meeting

Thursday, May 13,


Summer is almost upon the higher education world. You know what that means for enrollment and marketing offices - planning committees, mailing calendar adjustments, strategy meetings, year-end recaps.

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Can Video Chats be Useful in Recruitment?

Monday, April 12,


April is an incredibly important month for Admission Offices around the country. There’s accepted student open houses, email campaigns, school swag to be mailed, and events across the country to convince top high school students that they should deposit to your school by May 1. What’s the point of all these increased marketing efforts? Sure, [...]

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