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Technology Trainingis a multimedia specialist with Penn State's World Campus Learning Design unit, creating and editing multimedia for online courses.

Previously, she was technology training coordinator with the Penn State University Libraries, responsible for technology training offered in the Libraries' 20+ departments and 30+ library locations.  

Over the years, she's been she served as an interim associate director of instructional technology and multimedia, a programmer, a database specialist, a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, a continuing education instructor for seniors and adults with disabilities, and a high school English and communications technology teacher.  

Her interests are in the areas where technology, training, and communication intersect.  She holds degrees in both computer science and in education.  She is also an insomniac and an extreme extrovert with an indiscriminate love of language (including expletives).

Twitter: WIIFM? Ask @TechSmith.

Friday, June 19,


Last week at Penn State’s Web Conference, I was reminded once again of the value of Twitter.    If you are following Mark Greenfield, you may be thinking this is another blog post about the #smsummit; it is not. (Sadly, I missed his session to present a workshop on screencasting.)

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Responding to Offending Blog Posts: The Mirror up to Nature

Friday, May 29,


Before you get offended by someone’s blogging, you need to ask yourself three things: 1. Is this post even about me/us?

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Friday, May 22,


Today, I have a short thought that should apply to just about any of us in higher ed. It’s about listening.

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3 Social Media Assumptions Not to Make

Friday, May 8,


Reflecting on Rachel’s 25th birthday post last week, I’m going to feel old with this opening anecdote, but here goes…

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Bonus Social Media Story: Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine!

Friday, April 24,


If you were not part of #hewebcornell (HighEdWeb Regional Conference at Cornell), you may have missed some good conversations around social media, including the .eduGuru crew’s own social media stories.  But you didn’t have to miss it.  The power of social media is that people from anywhere could have been following along.

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A Friendly Reminder: Social Media Is Social

Friday, April 17,


I have made that point before and I’ll make it here again. If you are out there trying to build your social network, don’t engage in behaviors that have the opposite effect.  But we all know examples from the worst horror stories of downright nastiness to irksome comments that at best make a poor first [...]

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The Virtues of Delegation

Thursday, April 9,


Two weeks ago, I felt compelled to write about the black hole of academic overthink that is my calendar.  Over the years, and even as recently as in the post itself, I have sought advice on how to manage my calendar better.

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Calendar Clutter & Meeting Madness

Friday, March 27,


It seems I’ve fallen off the radar this month and so have some of my colleagues.  Are we dodging the new Facebook?  Nope.  Now that mainstream media has let all our former classmates, family and coworkers know about Twitter, are we ducking our newest followers? Nope.

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Googled Over: How Promiscuous Is Your Data

Friday, March 13,


I have been stewing on some thoughts of my own about Google ever since I had heard about Gears so I decided to wait to respond fully to Kyle’s post this week. It is a slideshare response. Enjoy!

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What the Doctor Ordered: Training, Technology and Leadership

Thursday, February 26,


I’m not a doctor, but I like to play one in my current role as a Technology Training Coordinator.  I like present to our faculty and staff over MediaSite in costume as “Doctor Nikki”.  But no matter what role I’ve had: whether “Dr. Nikki” the trainer, Technology Trainingthe IT, or Technology Trainingthe leader, I realize [...]

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