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Technology Trainingis a multimedia specialist with Penn State's World Campus Learning Design unit, creating and editing multimedia for online courses.

Previously, she was technology training coordinator with the Penn State University Libraries, responsible for technology training offered in the Libraries' 20+ departments and 30+ library locations.  

Over the years, she's been she served as an interim associate director of instructional technology and multimedia, a programmer, a database specialist, a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, a continuing education instructor for seniors and adults with disabilities, and a high school English and communications technology teacher.  

Her interests are in the areas where technology, training, and communication intersect.  She holds degrees in both computer science and in education.  She is also an insomniac and an extreme extrovert with an indiscriminate love of language (including expletives).

Data Collection #FAIL

Friday, January 8,


Over the years and in various roles: technical, training, leadership. I’ve served on a number of implementation teams and used a number of data-collection applications: time-tracking, project-management, Web analytics, surveys, other statistics packages. What I have learned from these experiences is that there are three common ways to fail:

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3 Ways to Build Knowledge Base #FAIL

Tuesday, December 1,


I’m not sure why you decided to read this.  Nobody sets out to fail, do they?  Maybe you just wanted something to read while you had your lunch today.  Or maybe you suspect I am being facetious.

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Teaching Them to Fish: Strategy for Implementing a Knowledge Base

Friday, November 20,


In a previous post, I talked about how to start getting your internal knowledge into a knowledge base.  But just because you’ve built a knowledge base, doesn’t mean people will begin using it.  You need to ensure that content is maintained and that people know how to use it to find the information they need.

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Kings of All Cosmos: How to Get Internal Knowledge Out There

Friday, November 6,

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If you work in higher ed, you have people who have become fixtures.  They roll up all of the tiny details, the business processes and procedures, into their heads like a Katamari.

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In Other HeWeb09 News…

Wednesday, October 14,


By now most of you who were following HighEdWeb know all about the infamous heweb09 keynote and heckling.  I’m not going to address that.

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Salary versus Autonomy

Tuesday, September 22,


Like many of you, I’ve read Director of Web Marketing’s Equal Pay for Equal Work post from a few weeks ago.  (It’s worth a look, if you haven’t read it.)  If we want to recruit experts, it would make sense that we may have to lure them in with expert-level pay.  (I’d add to this that depending [...]

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University Intranets: Let’s Secure Our Internal Knowledge Base from Ourselves #Fail

Thursday, August 20,

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If a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  If your work is on an Intranet only accessible by your department, are your efforts being heard and recognized throughout the university?

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eduWEB Takeaway: It’s About the People

Monday, August 3,


When Robin Smail and I were asked to do our Twitter Me This? presentation for eduWEB, we looked at the schedule.  Looked like the talented like Aaron Rester would be covering twitter and Matt Hertzberger would be covering social media until Robin and I got to the after-lunch bunch.

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Everything I Wanted to Learn About My Career I Learned From Twitter

Friday, July 17,


Years ago, when I was bored, I’d get sucked into something like Minesweeper and stay up too late playing the damn thing.  Then I’d have dreams of flags and bombs where if I woke up in the middle of the dream, I’d have that feeling of quitting before I cleared a board.  The same thing [...]

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Higher Ed Content: Have It Your Way.

Thursday, July 9,


Eleven years ago, I began my professional career as a high school English teacher.  All was right with the world until we introduced gradebook software in our district, and things were never the same again.  I would get make-up work on my desk in the morning and have students stop by over lunch wondering when [...]

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