Twitter: WIIFM? Ask @TechSmith.

Last week at Penn State’s Web Conference, I was reminded once again of the value of Twitter.    If you are following Mark Greenfield, you may be thinking this is another blog post about the #smsummit; it is not. (Sadly, I missed his session to present a workshop on screencasting.)

On the first day of this two-day conference, I attended a one-hour screencasting session similar to mine to find out what the audience would have already heard by the time they get to my session.  I was actively tweeting notes and thoughts during this presentation, when the following tweet got some unexpected attention:

…which got this reply:

So I after a few rounds of tweets, I explained that I was in a session preparing for an upcoming presentation, and that’s when my interactions with TechSmith began to payoff for both of us:

Prizes?!? Oh yeah. Thanks to TechSmith and Twitter, one lucky winner from our session get SnagIt 9.1 and another one left with Camtasia Studio 6.0. Thanks to NikkiMK, & Twitter, TechSmith’s getting a whole lot of publicity for those prizes and a few tweets.

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    Great example of the power of the Twitter network.

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    That’s awesome news, Nikki. I am a big fan of Camtasia Studio (especially now that I have a computer fast enough to actually do video work without having to leave it to do it’s thing overnight). I love its simplicity and its power. I think it’s really cool that you were able to interact with TechSmith in that way, and that they were so gracious.

    It amazes me that there are still so few companies that truly understand the value of interacting personally with their customers or the value of occasionally giving away free products (and, for that matter, word-of-mouth).

    One of my favorite examples on Twitter is Sega (who do giveaways of Sega swag every Friday on Twitter). They actually have a really cool set up, where they pass communication off around the globe, ensuring that there are people doing something on Twitter almost 24 hours a day (I know they at least share the Twitter account between the UK office at Sega of Europe and the US office at Sega of America).

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    Thanks, @andrewcareaga! The more I use Twitter the more I see examples of the uses for it and its value.

    As we share examples, people in our social network share back. I share TechSmith’s example and OtherWebGuy share’s Sega and pretty soon both TechSmith and Sega gain access to followers from all of us!