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Product Review: My Wishlist for the Academic Site License

Rather than spending time and money reinventing the wheel by creating Web-based tutorials for popular software titles only to sink more time and money into updating them with each subsequent version, schools can use a academic site license to enable everyone on campus access to the entire library of titles.

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Software Review: Flimp - Flash Development Tool without the Programming Knowledge

So I was given the freedom to demo and review a powerful Flash development tool called Flimp.  If you visit Flimp’s website they describe their product as video marketing, but after playing with the software for a few weekends and talking to others this is only a part of what their service is capable of.  [...]

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Review: MobileEducator iPhone Application and CMS

Last week I was contacted by @lisakribs about a new piece of software her company is developing called MobileEducator, designed for colleges and universities to enable low cost entry into the mobile arena.  The software looked fairly neat, and I thought it might be something that plenty of our readers might see value in, so [...]

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