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Book Review: Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you might have caught on that I recently got into the book Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity by Lawrence Lessig, one of many that I’ve been meaning to check off my least of to-reads.  Let me spoil the review by telling you not to [...]

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Salary versus Autonomy

Like many of you, I’ve read Director of Web Marketing’s Equal Pay for Equal Work post from a few weeks ago.  (It’s worth a look, if you haven’t read it.)  If we want to recruit experts, it would make sense that we may have to lure them in with expert-level pay.  (I’d add to this that depending [...]

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A Lesson in Creativity and Research Direction from BMW

Have you heard about this revolutionary new car idea? BMW has a new concept car, called the Gina, with an exterior made of flexible cloth. Doors can be opened seamlessly along with the lights and it’s a car that weighs significantly less. This crazy idea isn’t even brand new as it was originally built six [...]

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