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The Top 10 Posts of

So this blog was started the beginning ofand since then we have grown to over 600 readers and hopefully helping you actually making a difference in college websites across the country.  I absolutely love the higher education community and the environment this blog has become a hub for over the last year.  I’ll [...]

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A Good Starting Point for SEO – Local Search

The following is a guest post by Jeff Howard. This is an introduction post to a 5 part series on his blog about local search for higher education. Jeff is a SEO consultant, and works independently out of www.catchsearchmarketing.com. He has been involved with various higher education marketing projects touching SEO and Interactive Applications. Jeff [...]

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Marketing Lessons Learned from Indy 500

So any of you who are regular readers know that I went to the Indy 500 last weekend and you probably also know I broke my regular tradition of attending the Coca Cola 600 to do such. Now having perspective of both events I think it might be worthwhile to take a comparative analysis of [...]

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