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Social Media Comes Last

There has been A LOT of discussion on Higher Education Blogs and at Higher Education conferences lately about this thing called Social Media. First of all Social Media isn’t all that complicated, in fact it’s the simplest and oldest form of marketing called relationship building.  As I’ve said many times before “social media = building [...]

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It’s Time To Vote For Your Favorite Guest Blogger

Did you enjoy the guest posts last week?  I enjoyed taking a week off blogging, although I still had to manage and publish everything, but still…  This contest has been a smashing success beyond anything I could have imagined, but now it’s time for YOU to vote on who you want to see continue to [...]

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Top Down and Bottom Up: Integrating Grassroots and Social Media Efforts

The following is a guest post by Director of Web CommunicationA. Krywosa, Director of Web Communication at Suffolk University.  Director of Web Communicationblogs at Viraligious© and you also connect with her through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.  This is the first of the .eduGuru Blogger(s) Search Contest.

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