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Why Your Social Media Strategy May Be Falling Behind

While social media is a powerful tool, many colleges and universities aren’t seeing the results they’d like from their online efforts. To discover why some schools enjoy great success while others seem to be stuck in a rut, I spent the last few months talking to schools like UCLA, Oregon State and Emerson College that [...]

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Show Me The Conversions

The job of a college admissions office is to enroll students at the institution. That is their sole reason for being. It is why the college invests money in them. It’s why the admissions staff has jobs.

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Easy ROI on Facebook Ads

I love Facebook Ads.  They’re easy to set up, targeted, and give you free visibility among your audience, since you only pay for them when they click on the ad and go to your website/page/whatever you have set up.  They’re also relatively easy to figure out your Return on Investment for using a few simple [...]

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