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Which Search Engines Really Matter - The Followup

So many many months ago in what was the third post of this blog I asked the question, Which search engines really matter?  In that post I pulled data from Compete’s monthly post about web search market share that showed Google dominating with almost 69% of the US market.  So fast forward eight months later [...]

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Links of the Week August 29th

So last week nineteen of you voted on keeping the weekly links around and 84% cared enough to give me the thumbs up to keep hitting you up with these things.  As a lot of schools have already started back and Wofford starts back next week, although I’ve already been in my MBA class for [...]

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Links of the Week March 28th

This week saw two big announcements.  First, as Brad reported yesterday YouTube releases Stats for Videos.  You can read more about this over at Official Google Blog.  This is great news for analytics junkies like myself.  I post some of Wofford’s more general videos to YouTube so it will be nice to get some more insight [...]

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