Links of the Week August 29th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week August 29thSo last week nineteen of you voted on keeping the weekly links around and 84% cared enough to give me the thumbs up to keep hitting you up with these things.  As a lot of schools have already started back and Wofford starts back next week, although I’ve already been in my MBA class for two weeks now, some of these links kind of have the “back to school” feel and I think that’s appropriate.  Time for another year and I’ll admit I’m kind of excited because we have much more in place than ever before to track the success of our online campaigns.  More on this to come through the year.

One of the biggest pieces of news for someone who’s serious about Search Marketing has to be the release of Google Suggest.  There has already been a lot of experts who have given their opinion on the subject so do yourself a favor and make sure that you understand how this can effect your traffic.  For Wofford we get +/- 50,000 visits a month from search traffic so this does potential impacts and understanding it is quite important.

Just so I’m on the record for saying it before you read all this thinking Google Suggest is going to revolutionize your keyword research.  Yahoo has had a Search Assist function that basically does the same thing forever now.  Most people don’t know about it because you have to click on the down arrow below the search box, but it’s right there.

yahoo search assist Links of the Week August 29th

Everything you need to know about Google Suggest

  • google suggest Links of the Week August 29thOfficial Google Blog: At a loss for words? - from the camel’s mouth
  • 9 Ideas How Google Suggest Could Change Search Marketing
  • Google Suggest Will Greatly Change Keyword Referrers
  • How Google Suggest Changes SEO
  • Free SEO Tips for Google Search Suggest
  • Google Suggest(s) a New Reputation Management Nightmare

Now the Links that you brought back

  • Facebook group may be the next step for UTPD - A Facebook group could be the next step for University police to inform students of emergency situations.
  • Best Cool, Clever & Unique Billboards and Outdoor Advertising - Always in the search for new creative ideas these billboards are not only fun, but show how creative good marketing can be.
  • Back to School: 10 Great Web Apps for College Students - For a lot of college students, the new semester is just around the corner. We thought we would look at some of the most useful Web 2.0 tools that have the potential to help students do better in school, collaborate with their fellow students, and save them time.
  • 13 Free and Cheap Website Monitoring Services - Everyone seems to have their own website or blog nowadays. But do you want someone else to tell you your site is down? So what do you do? Not surprisingly there are a wealth of free and cheap website monitoring services available. To make your job easier, we ’ve put together this list of 13 services that will help you monitor your website.
  • How Simple Web Design Helps Your Business - It ’s crucial to have simple web designs to allow the user to quickly find the information they need, especially if you are selling a product. If the page is cluttered with useless text, widgets or unrelated products, the site becomes meaningless.
  • Should Web developers keep up with browser statistics? - data for Augustshow that Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x make up 77% of the Web browser market, with 17% of the market going to Firefox. So do you use this knowledge when designing a Web application?
  • Amazon may enter college textbook market with new Kindle - With rumors swirling lately about a new-and-improved Kindle, one analyst says that Amazon sees an opportunity in the education market and plans to target students. We’ve got some tips for Amazon should it get serious about pursuing college students with the Kindle.
  • Brand Cascading: How to Leverage Your Greatest Asset - Most people think a brand is created through marketing and advertising and point to the interesting ads, impactful messages and cool designs.
  • Are You Making This Marketing Mistake? - Don’t make this expensive marketing mistake by not keeping in touch with your clients, past clients and potential clients. This advice looks really good for admission & alumni marketing too.
Finally your funny video.  I just don’t have anything really creative this week sorry guys.  If you remember a while back when Koby Bryant jumped over the car then hopefully you will find this little video hilarious!  Mark off five minutes of your Friday afternoon get a new break and get ready to laugh.

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