Links of the Week August 22th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week August 22thCan you believe it’s been over a month since the last normal link of the weeks post?  This blog has seen a lot of change in the last week and I have to say as the amazing posts of the last week can attest it’s been change for the good.  So back to this links of the week.  I’ve talked with a few of you who seem to like that traditional staple feature of this blog and you seem to really like ended your week with some of my reads, but let’s try and take a poll and see what you really think.

Should .eduGuru continue the Links of the Week?

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Total Voters: 19

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It’s that simple.  Tell me what you think.  I’m closing this poll next Thursday night and if you want linkage I’ll try and keep up the weekly links or focus more on original content.

So I have a whole mess of links accumulated over the last month, but I’m still going to keep this very focused and the best of the best here.  Enjoy.

  • Why Recipients Call Your Mail Spam - Respecting subscriber permission is still the most important thing you can to do prevent spam complaints. But, it also means that permission alone isn’t enough insurance against spam complaints.
  • The Internets isn’t just something the kids use…you can raise big bucks on it too! -The Chronicle of Philanthropy released its annual online fundraising statistics this week and I’m sure many old-school fundraisers (who think the Internets is just something the kids use) were surprised at the results.
  • Sex, Drugs and Software Lead Spam Purchase Growth - 29% of Internet Users have Purchased from Spam, According to New Research from Marshal
  • On Domain Names, Size and Quality DOES Matter! - The conclusion: all other things being equal (e.g., marketing budget, content quality, design, affiliation with larger websites and so on), a website with a good domain name will always outperform a competitor with a bad or average domain name.
  • Study: Fastest Growing US Companies Rapidly Adopting Social Media - A one year follow up on a study of social media adoption at 500 of the fastest growing companies in the US has found that familiarity with and use of blogs, podcasting, wikis, online video and social networking has skyrocketed into nearly double what it was in 2007. 77% of respondents now report at least some use of a social media tool
  • Chicago Tribune’s Social Media Evolution - Last March, the Chicago Tribune assembled a four-person social media task force to help modernize the stodgy media giant by integrating the bright and shiny social media world of Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.
  • Top 14 power words for email, advertising and communications - Your emails or advertising is missing to get answered ? Sales letters not selling ? Ads not getting clicked on ? You want to catch attention ? Use these power words:
  • Facebook Is Not Only The World’s Largest Social Network, It Is Also The Fastest Growing - Even though Facebook is now the largest social network in the world, —with 132 million unique visitors in June—it is also still the fastest growing. (At least among the major social networks). According to figures compiled by comScore, Facebook’s visitor growth is up 153 percent on an annual basis.
  • Is Facebook the Most Popular Social Bookmarking Service on the Web? - How do website readers prefer to share stories they find with friends? According to the company behind the widely used sharing widget ShareThis, after emailing a link, the most popular method of sharing is now Facebook.
  • Top 10 Tech-Savvy College Towns - From innovative courses to citywide wifi, some college towns know how to bring out your inner geek. Computer science majors and casual Web junkies alike appreciate the high-tech offerings in these college towns.
  • 82% Of Phone Users Don’t Send Text Messages At All - Looks like it is time to roll out the conflicting studies. Last week, we saw that three-quarters of phone shoppers list SMS capabilities as the number one must-have feature. This week, however, we learn that fully 82% of U.S. mobile phone users don’t send text messages at all!!! Is just 18% of the population really accounting for all those billions and billions of messages each month?
  • The Ultimate Guide To SERP Click Through Rates - The ultimate guide to where people click. This data is the result of 36,389,567 searches and 19,434,540 clicks. The results make for interesting reading…
  • How to Measure Social Media ROI for Business - Social media measurement is one of those topics about which everyone has an opinion, but nobody agrees on the solution. Here are a few pointers.
  • Can New Media Be Taught in Schools? - Old media is slower, less compelling and more expensive than many emerging media online. It’s also more professional, often of higher quality and generally easier to monetize.
  • You Should Probably Read This. - An extensive report about how to “Recruiting Millennials: How Official Admission Blogs Depict Colleges and Universities From a Public Relations Perspective”

And this week, it could be the final if you vote weekly links off the island, the funny video is one that either you will find hilarious or well… a complete waste of three minutes.  Hopefully it’s the first.

2 Responses to “Links of the Week August 22th, 2008”

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    hi i voted ‘heck yeah’ on your poll.. :) i just think that this is a great idea and that you should continue sharing these lists… just read “sex, drugs and software lead spam purchase growth”, really interesting read… spamming doing its magic…

  2. Says:

    I voted yeah. I found the SERP results articled useful. Sometimes finding useful stuff in all the garbage can be tedious. Its nice when someone does it for you.