Links of the Week March 28th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week March 28thThis week saw two big announcements.  First, as Brad reported yesterday YouTube releases Stats for Videos.  You can read more about this over at Official Google Blog.  This is great news for analytics junkies like myself.  I post some of Wofford’s more general videos to YouTube so it will be nice to get some more insight into their views.

Second, Adobe launches Photoshop Express.  This is essentially an online image editing application similar to Picnik.  ReadWriteWeb wrote a great summary of this new online application, Watch Out - Adobe Is Slowly Building an Online Empire.

Also some really interesting Technology news that came out about Sun using lasers to boost computer performance speeds.  Read more about it Replacing Wire With Laser, Sun Tries to Speed Up Data and Sun aims lasers to boost computer performance.

  • The Wired Wealthy: Using the Internet to Connect with Your Middle and Major Donors - This study suggests that an “Internet communications gap” exists between higher dollar donors and charities. In short, most causes are not making the best possible use of their Web and email efforts to connect with this critically important audience. Thanks to Head of Marketing for sharing.
  • HTML 5 Support by Browser: Opera Continues to Lead the Pack - The future of the web is fast approaching. The specifications for HTML 5, the successor to today’s HTML 4, are still in the draft phase, but already forward-looking browsers are starting to add limited support for HTML 5 elements.
  • Privacy Policies And Search Engines - An interesting read about the trustworthiness of your site depending on if it has a Privacy Policy or not. Also introducing a Privacy Policy standard.
  • The Fundamentals of Link Building - There is a golden rule to link building: links reflect value on the web. Remember that rule, because we’ll come to it later.
  • Why Does Your Search Traffic Suck? The 7 Most Likely Reasons - A basic checklist if you find that the search engines aren’t bringing your site any traffic.
  • New media expected to get more ad dollars - Advertisers and marketers, struggling to keep up with changing consumer habits, are about to make massive investments in new digital and out-of-home media platforms, according to a forecast out today from research firm PQ Media.
  • SEO Descriptions For More Google Traffic - Google adds short snippets to entries in a keyword query search engine report. Applying SEO to that Web page description brings more visitor traffic.
  • MarchLawlor Focus - Most colleges and universities are now, or soon will be, in the midst of the yield phase of their admission processes, which means that encouraging admitted students to enroll is a top priority…
  • Seeing Your Site from Off-Campus - Web Manageroffers up some tips about how to view your website as if you are coming from off-campus. This can be useful for a developer who displays different things depending on if it’s on-campus or off.
  • Will Edubloggers flock to Flock?- With its sleek interface and social Web features, Flock just may become the browser of choice for edubloggers and others. Why? Because Flock’s feature set focuses on the social aspects of Web 2.0. Edubloggers are also keen on the Web’s social offering
  • Working with College/School PR-Marketing Staff - Deanna offers some tips with personal experience about how to handle PR/Marketing issues that arise across campus.
  • Google Search Engine Ranking Factors - This document represents the collective wisdom of 37 leaders in the world of organic search engine optimization. Together, they have voted on the various factors that are estimated to comprise Google’s ranking algorithm…  (I know this is a year old, but I just found it this week)
  • 3 of the Funniest E-Mail Messages From Students to Professors — and What They Say About Technology - With the good of technology also comes the people that manipulate and abuse it. These stories are quite entertaining.
  • Media Recession? Probably Not… - Thanks to Rob for introducing this blog to me. This little post talks about how this recession doesn’t necessarily mean bad things for digitial marketing
  • The SEO Industry Survey Results - In February of 2008, 3000+ search marketers answered 52 questions about themselves, their work and the search industry via a survey on SEOmoz. The following data and analysis comes from SEOmoz staff members.
  • Study: Non-profits Missing Major Online Fundraising Opportunities - With online donations up 37% inaccording to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, it is clear that the web, if not yet the main point for charitable donation, is playing an increasingly more important role.
  • Google outlines proposal for ‘Wi-Fi on steroids’ - Google on Monday said it has a plan to have American consumers from Manhattan to rural North Dakota surfing the Web on handheld gadgets at gigabits-per-second speeds by theholiday season.
  • Three Month Overview of Social News and Bookmark Popular Topics - Nice graphical overview of the types of topics getting popular on top Social News and Bookmark sites.
  • 6 Psychological Changes of the Webmaster - How true this post is. It really puts some of the reality of the world of a Webmaster compared to everyone else.
  • 101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site - What may have worked a few years ago when could be outdated today, so it’s important to constantly improve your Web site. However, a massive overhaul is just too much work to undertake at one time.
  • Ning passes 200,000 social networks - People are using Ning today to create and run social networks around practically every topic you can possibly think of. And as of today, they (you) have created more than 200,000 networks on Ning.

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