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Recappingand theGame Plan

It’s taken me a little longer than I would have liked to get around to it, but I very much believe in looking back to review the past year and setting goals going forward.  You do the same for your website and professional growth right?  If not or even if you do hopefully you can [...]

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The Top 10 Posts of

So this blog was started the beginning ofand since then we have grown to over 600 readers and hopefully helping you actually making a difference in college websites across the country.  I absolutely love the higher education community and the environment this blog has become a hub for over the last year.  I’ll [...]

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5 new search engines that hope to challenge Google’s dominance

The search engine field sure is getting a whole lot busier the last few months and it looks likewill be a busy year as we attempt to sort through the vast mountains of data that we continue to create and modify.

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