Links of the Week November 14th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week November 14thThey are back!  I know that you have missed the links of the week as it’s been three weeks.  So what does three weeks bring.  Well quite a few solid links to share.  Nothing really too exciting to report.  I hope you are ready for next week because the .eduGuru Blogger(s) Search contest posts start arriving so we will have a range of expertise not necessarily from our normal range of rants.

  1. Barack Obama’s Ultimate Guide to Marketing: How he Used Internet and Social Media to Become President-Elect - Barack Obama ’s election was historic not just politically – his use of the the Internet to promote awareness and create a loyal following will be the template which all future presidential campaigns will draw inspiration from.
  2. Google’s SEO Starter Guide - Google finally issues an official SEO guide. Nothing you wouldn’t expect to see in this thing, but it is coming from THE official source so it is nice to have an actual confirmation that this is the right way to do it.
  3. Google adds ‘on demand’ indexing to Site Search - New feature gives control to Web publishers over the frequency with which Google refreshes its index of Site Search’s content.
  4. Google Analytics for SEO programs - Actual examples of the new Google Analytics features in use. Specific examples showing how to use it for SEO research.
  5. Flip Camcorder Goes High-Def - Over the past couple of years, Pure Digital Technologies has changed the way people think about video cameras by turning these heavy, expensive, intimidating devices into affordable, user-friendly gadgets that fit into a shirt pocket.
  6. Sizing Up the Long Tail of Search - There’s so much traffic in the tail it is hard to even comprehend. To illustrate, if search were represented by a tiny lizard with a one-inch head, the tail of that lizard would stretch for 221 miles.
  7. Customer Service and Reputation Management the Twitter Way: A Case Study - A case study of a company that “gets it” and using Twitter to satisfy a client where other channels failed.
  8. The 22 Step Social Media Marketing Plan - A plan based on what others are doing. Great insight.
  9. Facebook Ad Rates Fall: When 32% Growth Is Not Enough - AllFacebook reports that both the CPM and the minimum spend for some Facebook have dropped 50% since October of last year:
  10. How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn - LinkedIn has a lot to offer regardless of where you are in your career, especially with the economy the way it is.
  11. 50+ Must Read Web Design for ROI, Usability and SEO Articles - This collection of 50 must read web design for ROI, usability and SEO articles also embraces the philosophy behind designing websites for the ROI of it not the looks.
  12. 25 Web Form Optimization Tips - With web forms playing such an important role in the completing goals, it goes without saying that we should optimize the heck out of them. Below are 25 tips for doing just that.
  13. Underline Links, People - A quick reminder to make sure your links on your website are still underlined.
  14. The 6 Dangerous Fallacies of Social Media - You may have heard of social media. There ’s been a bit of news about it recently. However, a lot of people making that news have created expectations and beliefs about social media that aren’t true.  Also there is a nice continuation of this post hereSocial Media Myths and Reality.
  15. Study: Influencers are Alive and Well on Social Media Sites - Online reviews drive far more purchase decisions than newspaper articles, reviews by website editors, or advice from store employees.

So how is that?  I cut three weeks worth of awesome bookmarks down to fifteen links?

Funny Video of the Week

Mark Wahlberg talking to animals.  Ok not really… but sort of.  I’m out, say hello to your mother for me!

Don’t forget to watch the followup to this video.

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    Thanks much for including my post in Links of the Week. I’m honored. It’s a great list. Nice job putting it together.

    All the best,

    Jason Baer

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    Hey James…. glad ye liked it. It was funny that I couldn’t find much on SEO and Analytics when researching the post; a virgin query space for the most part (weeeee).

    I figure I might take a stab at using the new segmentation on some SMM stuff as well.

    ..and stop being a slacker!! 3 weeeks??? Yer killing yer peeps …lol

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    Good list of links.Especially link #2, Google SEO starter guide.There is a wealth of information in this section and it´s nice to know how Google describes it.

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    Hey Kyle,

    Thanks for the link!

    I love #11, the 50+ must reads. Love resource posts!


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    I thought you were quitting the ‘links’? Too much great stuff here - don’t do it!

  6. Says:

    These links are great resources - great find with the Obama marketing link.

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    Nice information. I liked very much google starter guide, as i just started marketing my blog. Those tips will help me for sure.

    Thanks for sharing