Student Worker Research

It’s time for you to give a little back, and help me with some research I’m doing for some presentations to follow up in the future.  But it will be worth it, because in helping me, I will help you by taking all these numbers and stats and turning them into something cool, hilarious, and informative.  One thing most all of us deal with in some capacity on a day to day basis are student workers of one kind or another.  The question is how we deal with them, and what they do for us.  We all have our own tools and systems in place, and I want to try to lay that all out a little for people.

So, here’s the skinny.  There are two surveys.  One is for you, as an employer, the other one I want you to give to your students to fill out for me.  I promise not to take up too much of their precious time.  I’m much less concerned about your time.  I’ll probably let this run for a while, maybe until about the time everyone leaves for Christmas.  That way I can start breaking the data down during the break.  Be sure to pass the student link on to your workers though, because we want to produce a complete picture.  Don’t you love being a part of research?

Click Here to take the Employer survey

Click Here to take the Student survey

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    I’m sure most of the students and employers will appreciate this initiative in the future, when it’s done and the results are visible.

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    Thanks James,
    I’ll leave my comments there then though I have to say it here - that post is worth reading and I suggest everyone


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