Links of the Week (Remix) May 9th

linkoftheweek Links of the Week (Remix) May 9thSo in tribute to a certain blog who’s traditionally known for their “Friday Five” series and who’s very hit or miss these days I’m going to attempt to cut down on the amount of links that I force feed my loyal readers. Some reason you keep coming back and that’s pretty cool, so thanks. The certain blog will be left nameless to protect the identity of the parties involved. UPDATE: Looks like the charged blogger gave us a “Friday Five” so I humbly took one on the face there.

I really hope everyone has been following D.W.’s Super Villian week! So far I’ve learned that I’m The Blackberry-er so watch out. If you have missed the series check out the other villians like Down-With-The-Kids Man, The Sour PussThe Ok-ing Avenger, and New Media Douchebag. I think we all know someone who falls into one of these categories.

It’s still a hilarious video!

So in tribute to the “Friday Five” series let me introduce my special”TGIF Lucky 7“, now with less noise!

  • Persuading Management Your Website Needs Fixing Pronto: 4 Steps & Great Results - SUMMARY: Overhauling a website can work wonders for a business. However, convincing upper management that a fix is worth the investment might take some persuasion.
  • Get Your Print Magazine Online Fast, - Eddie Merille offers some good advice about turning a print magazine into an online fashion. If your school is like ours you are probably trying to get a grasp of the best way to move forward into online digital magazines and away from print. Also be sure to check out the follow-up WordPress + Issue = Online Magazine Solution.
  • Subdomains or Subfolders : Which are Better for SEO? - A good study into which is better subdomains or subfolders. And the answer it… it depends.
  • Hitwise: MySpace Takes 3/4ths of US Social Network Traffic - According to web measurement firm Hitwise, MySpace commands 73.82% of all social networking traffic. The data comes from Hitwise’s special social networking category, which tracks US traffic 57
  • It’s not about us anymore… - We’ve heard the pitch that it’s about consumer to consumer before and social media has taken over, but some people are having trouble understanding the situation. Let’s try again, go read the post.
  • Analytics Accuracy and Javascript location - The placement of your analytics code does have a small impact on tracking results
  • the joker Links of the Week (Remix) May 9thThe Main Factor Necessary to Convert Visitors to Customers - The rules of Higher Education Marketing are a little different, but a worthy read none the less. In the end of the day, in internet retail, all roads seem to lead to the same place. Concentrate on your brand and everything from SEO to customer loyalty falls neatly into place.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you here same Bat time Same Bat site next week for another weekly installment of the TGIF lucky 7

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  1. Says:

    “The placement of your analytics code does have a small impact on tracking results”

    I wonder if the same would would be true of e-mail open tracking (as inaccurate as it already is, anyhow, due to default image blocking). Tracking images are usually placed near the bottom, though they are tiny in size…

  2. Says:

    Rob that’s an awesome thought. I’m going to go tweet it to my Bronto guy now!

  3. Says:

    That video is hilarious. It never gets old.