Links of the Week July 11th, 2008

linkoftheweek Links of the Week July 11th, 2008Another week in the books.  Nothing really exciting to report.  4th of July weekend was awesome…  note to self still need to get those pictures posted.  So I’m rambling and I’m sure you could care less.  Let’s get through this.  Back down to seven links and one to grow on with a hilarious video!  Enjoy your weekend!  One week to eduWEB!

  • How to Develop a Social Media Plan for Your Business in 5 Steps - Does your college have a social media plan? It should and here’s a great place to start.  Also check out my page of Social Marketing for Higher Education if you haven’t seen it already.
  • Comments Comments Comments - Paul Redfern asks a question I’ve asked a few times myself. Why don’t College News Releases allow comments?
  • Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation - Some great scenarios and advice about handling bad PR and an unhappy customer who’s ripping your company a new one online.
  • Are all optimization processes the same? - A great post to really learn a bunch about fully optimizing graphics for the web. Thanks Derek, this is the post I’ve been waiting for.
  • Three Sticky Ways to Hold Reader Attention - Your copy might focus on benefits instead of features, have the right balance of emotion to logic, and maybe you’ve even snagged the reader’s attention with an arresting headline. But after your reader clicks through, does your copy hold her interest?
  • Writing Killer Headlines: Top 30 Viagra SPAM Email Subject Lines - Be warned it might be too much for some of you. Poor and spam industry lead the way so often… why not see if we can take some advice from these guys? I mean they do have it tougher than anyone else… it’s obvious spam, so how do you still get people to click through?  Check out the headlines for great ideas and also some fun laughs.
  • College news sources should be using full RSS feeds - Andy’s at it again offering some great advice about College RSS feeds. Take a quick read then check your feeds.
  • Reputation Management for New Media Survey - How ready are you? - A recent study reports 55% of Companies Not Prepared for Online Reputation Crisis. As I’ve written about monitoring a companies online identity before and easy ways to do this, this data only backups these needs.

I feel like this video needs a little explanation.  Todd Sanders shared this video over on his blog, Drop the F-bomb, win an Award.  Me being a huge SouthPark fan I naturally loved it.

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    My new news site allows comments. I only have one so far. So maybe the question is do people feel like they should leave comments.


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