Get Web Analytical at Stamats!

Get Web Analytical at Stamats!

Anyone in higher ed dealing with web analytics should be pumped to attend this year’s Stamats Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference. Not only is it in Las Vegas, but Avinash Kaushik is one of the keynote speakers! If you nerd out over this stuff (like me) you’re surely already registered, booked and raring to go. October can’t come soon enough!

Adding to this excitement, is my presentation ‘Web Analytics Strategy: Answering the Right Questions.’ As my knowledge of analytics increases, I understand that not everyone goes about them the same way. That’s why I thought it was important to have a varied presentation and invited Rick Allen to co-present. Not only do I get to learn more from his expertise and experience, but having a partner in crime helps ensure we discuss things from a varied viewpoint: from where we sit in our schools, and the level of integration with other departments we have.

This presentation builds on general analytic knowledge. It’s goal is to help support lone guns  or to bolster teams in creating, maintaining, reporting  and taking action through a comprehensive web analytics strategy. Although we’ll be discussing a bit of the nitty gritty (Google Analytics goals, segmentation, etc.), the real nuts and bolts of this presentation will be on creating a university/departmental strategy for measuring your web effectiveness.  Our hope is that you leave the presentation ready to create or update your analytics strategy, not only from a web standpoint, but from a university one as well.

For those already registered we can’t wait to join you in October - please submit any questions you’d particularly like covered and we’ll do our best.

If you’re not registered yet: why not?!

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    justin bieber and his girlfriend Says:

    Where can I register?!?!??!


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    Android Says:

    Yes, where can I register it ?


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    Spokane web designer Says:

    Always looking for better analytics for the websites I work on. Cpanel stats are useless and Google Analytics never seem to show just what you want. is the site for those above who were asking. Just click on request free consultation on the bottom right.


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    Utah Web Design by Sherwin Says:

    Wow this conference is interesting. I’ve been searching for more efficient tools that i can use in my internet marketing business. I would like to give s hot on this event.


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    Money Naut Says:

    Thanks for the posting. I am intrigued by the conference, I think I will check it out. There is so much to learn in the Analytics arena, and every article on this site seems to plug me in more and more. Awesome.


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