#heweb10 Photo Gallery of Poster Sessions

By Kyle James - Wed, Oct 13, 2010

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It’s hard choosing one of the five presentations that are going on at any one time at HighEdWeb.  It’s even harder when you have 26 poster sessions at a single time.  I tried to simplify that for myself and maybe it will help everyone else out too.

I created a Flickr set of all the Poster Sessions from #heweb10.  I put the sessions in the order they were listed and included the description off the HighEdWeb website on each to help make sense.  With Flickr you can view the original image and zoom in to hopefully be able to read all the small details from the original 12 megapixel picture.  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “#heweb10 Photo Gallery of Poster Sessions”

  1. david stong Says:

    Kyle, your documentation of the poster session is excellent. With the possibilities of commenting, tagging, sharing and otherwise having an international, asynchronous conversation around the work, I have to wonder why poster sessions still abound. Using a digital image to engage a community could be much more powerful. Instead of printing that pdf or powerpoint slide, upload it to the Conference blog.


  2. Kyle James (author) Says:

    @David - That is a good question. It could be something on the table for future heweb conferences as they think about how to be greener and whatnot. I can tell you from talking to a couple of the poster session presenters that getting their content for the poster there isn’t always all that easy.



    • Lacy Tite Says:

      I did a poster session … and it would be cool if we could somehow GREEN that process. I waited til I got to cincinatti - and spent some time at the kinkos a block from the hotel getting it printed. Not sure how one would accomplish the poster session “experience” without physical posters though — unless there were 26 projectors :P


  3. david stong Says:

    Lacy, what would it be like if, instead of printing your PDF you scaled it down and uploaded it to the conference web site. You’d be responsible for responding to comments or discussion. The discussion would be captured and exist over time rather than at one place for a short time. The halls and breakout areas of the conference could play the uploaded “posters” as slideshows on monitors. To me, poster sessions seem old and slow. When I saw Kyle’s stream, which is still up and still able to take comments, I had to wonder if it wasn’t a potential format change. Not so much a move to green as a move to better networking.


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