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Jess is the Director of Web Communication at Suffolk University. She has been a leader in electronic outreach strategies for grassroots educational non-profits for over ten years. Currently Jess is focused on strengthening virtual relationships with a heavy emphasis on enrollment and retention based efforts. Connect with her on Twitter,  LinkedIn or visit her personal website and blog.

Does Your Campus Security Have a Place in Social Media?

Tuesday, September 28,


I’m sure we’ve all heard about the University of Texas at Austin this morning. As I went through my day, I started to search more for updated information. Watching the live tweets via Google was helpful. I could imagine being at that school - or knowing someone who attended/worked there - and how Twitter would [...]

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Get Web Analytical at Stamats!

Wednesday, August 25,


Anyone in higher ed dealing with web analytics should be pumped to attend this year’s Stamats Integrated Marketing: Technology Conference. Not only is it in Las Vegas, but Avinash Kaushik is one of the keynote speakers! If you nerd out over this stuff (like me) you’re surely already registered, booked and raring to go. October [...]

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Analytics Reports: Flying Solo?

Monday, August 9,


Much to my excitement,  lately analytics  have become a trending topic  in higher ed. From blogs and sites to webinars and conferences, analytics have been the talk of the web. And for good reason: how else would we have a glimpse into how visitors use our site, and if we should continue what we are [...]

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Higher Ed Headbutt: Engagement Vs. ROI

Wednesday, July 14,


Running off of my previous post, Calculating Engagement: What Do They Want, the battle always arises: which is more important, engagement or ROI? The easy answer is, they’re equally relevant. However, often the former gets a bad rap due to the unusual amorphous nature that it takes and the lack of any solidly accepted structure [...]

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Calculating Engagement: What Do They Want?

Tuesday, June 22,


We’re all a flurry in our respective endeavours: creating dynamic content for our site, working on optimizing our text for search, creating opportunities for offline efforts to sync with online communities. But have we really stopped to consider how our target truly wants to receive content? How will we determine if what we created and [...]

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Organic Search: Make Their Efforts Work for You

Monday, June 7,


As higher ed professionals, we learn to juggle many hats and tasks. Some wanted, some not. As we struggle to implement the latest social technologies and integrate personalized content, we may not have time to be well versed in SEO techniques or the importance of organic search. Why should we take the time to figure [...]

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Facebook Communities: Now What?

Tuesday, May 11,


We’ve all had time to gripe, think and gasp at the new Facebook Community Pages. Director of Web Marketingdid an excellent job of getting us all up to speed with these latest evil doings in his previous post, Facebook Hates Your Brand. If you’re like me, you see it  - at the very least - as a [...]

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Negative Comments Take 2: My Personal Rules

Thursday, April 22,


Many people have asked lately, ‘how do we deal with negative comments’? It is always asked at the start of a new social media campaign, usually in fear or as an excuse. Be it in Facebook, Twitter, blog comments, etc., this still is an issue I think becomes more personal than institutional. Of course companies [...]

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Higher Ed Web Analytics: What’s Really Important to Report?

Thursday, April 15,


Ok. I’m sure most of us know what’s important. Kyle, for one, has done an excellent job in helping us all - myself included - in understanding how to use analytics to improve our higher ed web pages. But what I’m talking about here is: what’s important to tell your VP or others? As a [...]

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University Twitter Accounts: Spring Cleaning

Thursday, April 1,


For some of us, Twitter management may be a luxury (or a curse) that we aren’t  able to allot much time to. A necessary tactic for most, we may have students to do this or may be on a weekly schedule of checking ritualistically every few days. But, for those who are lucky enough to [...]

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