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Xenu: Not just for Broken Links.

18. November


The following is a guest post by Chris Falzone, Web Developer at Edinboro University.  Chris has a personal blog and you also connect with him through Twitter or LinkedIn.  This is the second post in the .eduGuru Blogger(s) Search Contest.

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Free Destination URL Builder and Tracking Tool

1. October


After rereading a two year old post over on Analytics Talk it inspired me to go create my own Destination URL builder for Google Analytics.  It’s really a pretty simple thing to do inside of Excel and by turning it into a Google Spreadsheet you can share it across your organization so it is easy [...]

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Is Google Analytics Installed Properly?

17. September


As I’ve written about Google Analytics quite a bit on this blog it’s probably quite obvious that I think very highly of this free service.  Making sure that you have the code installed on your site properly is a very important initial step.  The problem is that once you have it installed the only way [...]

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7 Google Analytics Filters To Help Understand Your Visitors

15. September


Google Analytics is a wonderful free service for tracking visitors to your website.  A large website often has the challenges of multiple audiences, multiple site editors, and many stakeholders.  A college website is one that definitely falls into this category.  It can be a little overwhelming to dig into the data to find specific information [...]

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Missed Opportunities for College Dorm Searches, Part 1

10. July


Over on FJ’s Higher Education Photography for Recruitment Blog he just made an excellent post about Missed Opportunity for Higher Ed.  I wasn’t even half way through his short but valuable post before light bulbs started going off in my head.  (Hey FJ thanks for the mention and hopefully this post will help fulfill some [...]

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Website Grader: A Quick Site Audit Tool for Free

29. April


Website Grader is one of those excellent free resources that I run on sites about once a month. In it its own words:

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Test Results: Comparing 11 Free Web Analtyic Services

30. March


A few weeks ago I ran an extensive test of a number of free analytic tracking packages.  Hopefully nobody noticed the added load time from the extra scripts being run?  It’s taken me a few weeks to find the time to write up the results but I think they provide some very valuable insight.  I think [...]

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Google Analytics 101: Some Basic Setup Tips

24. March


Since coming back from Google Analytics training last week finding the time to setup all the wonderful new tricks that I learned has presented a challenge.  This post is a nice little introduction to some of the basics that I learned last week.  This is part one in what will be a continuing series about Google [...]

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How much is a new student worth to your institution?

19. March


Today and tomorrow I’m out in Durham, NC for Google Analytics training that ROI Revolution is hosting.  ROI is a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant and AdWords Qualified Company.  ROI Revolution are also trained professionals in Google’s Seminars for Success program as this training can attest.  Through day one I am very impressed with their training program.  About a month [...]

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Quick Update - New Resources Section

28. February


Hey guys I have been very busy this week and also have been compiling a Resources section to this website.  So much of what I’ve been putting together will grow over time and really isn’t things you can put into a post.  The resources have been broken down to include sizeable sections.  So far I’ve [...]

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