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I had dinner with Chris Brogan: Real implications for social media

The following is a guest post by Kathleen VanderVelde, Communications Manager at Davenport University.  Kathleen blogs at davenblogger and has a personal blog, Things I’ve Seen, that she has been writing since the beginning of blogging, ok maybe not quite butis a long time in blogging time.  You can connect with her through [...]

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Tampa May Not Be World Champions, But We Are Coming Anyway!

This Wednesday starts the Stamats Integrated Marketing Conference: Technology Collaboration, Results.  Wow that’s a mouthful to get out properly.  Although this conference is not track heavy, it should more than make up with the quality of the presentation.  The BlogHighEd guys are both presenting (Matt Herzberger and Brad J Ward) and Head of Marketing and I have [...]

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