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Book Review: Problem Solving 101 – A Simple Book For Smart People

Anyone that has read this blog for any time knows that I consider myself a problem solver first and a web/tech guy second.  A few weeks ago I presented a problem solving presentation deck and even further back I’ve talked about how to optimize your email habits, RSS reading time and establishing oneself as an [...]

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What the Doctor Ordered: Training, Technology and Leadership

I’m not a doctor, but I like to play one in my current role as a Technology Training Coordinator.  I like present to our faculty and staff over MediaSite in costume as “Doctor Nikki”.  But no matter what role I’ve had: whether “Dr. Nikki” the trainer, Technology Trainingthe IT, or Technology Trainingthe leader, I realize [...]

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Getting There: Successful Goal Setting

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with our other web guy.  We recently underwent a fairly large redesign of our web site, which included the addition of new features and tools (read: more work for everyone).  One of these is the addition of a home page centerpiece linked to stories about the people of the [...]

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