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An Introduction to Social Networks Presentation

Wednesday, August 6,


Today I presented an “Introduction to Social Networks” at the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce.  The presentation was designed more towards local businesses, but all the examples I used were specifically Wofford’s Social Network campaigns.  We did record the presentation, but the audio came out as nothing so it’s not worth even sharing online.  Despite that [...]

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eduWEBReflections I

Friday, July 25,


So after about thirty hours waiting on flights to leave Philadelphia International Airport, if you haven’t been following my twitter parade you’re probably better off just not knowing.  I think I’m ready to finally put my reflections of the conference into writing while I continue to wait on the rest of my luggage to arrive.  [...]

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Wofford Monthly Web Analytics Summary - May

Thursday, June 5,

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May was a month of celebration and closure. Graduation came and went and many students are moving on to bigger and better things now. Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily translate well for Website Traffic. As you would imagine traffic across the sites were down, but there are some positive takeaways if you look at the trends.

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