Social Marketing

Social marketing can be a very confusing challenge for Higher Education. I’ve been working on a regular series that looks at Social Networking and Bookmarking and how Higher Education can benefit from this new and emerging marketplace. To understand Social Marketing you need a basic understanding of Social Media.

Watch this short little video for an explanation of Social Media:

Introduction to the Social Web, otherwise known as Web 2.0

The Social Survey Series - A Look at Social Bookmarking and Social Networking sites from a Higher Educational Marketing viewpoint.

  • Facebook - Most likely 95% of your students use it, why not connect through it?
  • MySpace - Build your presence before someone else does
  • Digg - Have some hot content, get lucky and generate tons of traffic
  • StumbleUpon - Generate targeted traffic
  • - Bookmarking 2.0
  • Twitter - Understanding this new communication channel can be a challenge for anyone.

Higher Education Social Networks - Social Networks specifically related to Higher Education

  • University Web Developer - a social network on ning for Higher Education Web individuals
  • BlogHighEd - A blog aggregate site of higher education blogs written by webmasters, marketers, counselors, vendors, consultants, and more. Read my interview with BlogHighEd founders.
  • eduStyle - This site is an excellent resource for Web Designers especially in Higher Eduation. There is also some social networking elements including an excellent list of higher education people who are on social networks and social networks profiles of colleges.
  • Communiversity - A brand new site designed to help prospective students learn more about college life. Right now it’s best to just keep this one on the radar because the site says it is Beta, but after some testing I might call it Alpha. According to the site:
    ” Communiversity is a place for REAL students to share their college experience so that others can EXPLORE and learn what post-high school is really like.”
  • Zinch - A site designed for prospective Students to connect with College Admission staff in a Social Networking environment. For more information check out this report about Butler Universities Zinch story for more information.

Other Resources

  • Mashable is one of the biggest and best news sites thats focus is all about Social Networks and Social Media.