Here is the collection of books that we have read, reviewed and recommend.

Higher Education, Internet Marketing, and Web Development Reads

edustylebook180x150 Bookshelf Want to get practical Higher Education Web Design?  Is your college or university going through a redesign and want a good baseline of advice to start?  Check out the eduStyle Guide to Usable Higher-Ed Homepage Design Review.
web analytics an hour a day sm Bookshelf If you are a web analytics junkie this is your holy grail.  There isn’t really a whole lot more to say about this book.  Take a look at our Web Analytics: An Hour a Day Book Review.
dont make me think Bookshelf Staple for any web developer. A lot of this you would think is common sense, but so much of the time we take the knowledge that we have for granted and have to realize that we don’t necessarily think like our clients. Read my Don’t Make Me Think Book Review.
freeCulture 150x150 Bookshelf Free Culture Book Review
world wide rave david meerman scott 150x150 Bookshelf Want to read a collection of stories of individuals who have leveraged the web to create a compelling presence and communicated with their markets?  This book is loaded with these stories.  Read the World Wide Rave Book Review.
buzzmarketing cover Bookshelf Getting people to talk about your products is vital to a marketing campaign.  With traditional advertising getting ignored more and more often it’s time to change it up.  Buzzmarketing will get you to think outside of the box to get people talking.
Neuro Web Design Bookshelf Neuro Web Design Book Review
14467805 Bookshelf Neuromarkting discusses the three parts of the brain and their functions.  Learn more about Neuromarketing.

Miscellanous Reads

thebaseballeconomist Bookshelf If your a big Baseball fan or really get into Economics then this book is probably going to be right up your alley.  If you enjoyed Moneyball most likely this book will appeal to you also.  Read The Baseball Economisist book review.
12 cov Bookshelf If your getting into management or wanting to be a better manager then this is an excellent read.  Read The 12 Elements of Great Managing book review.