Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

hubspot logo orange Parting is Such Sweet SorrowWell I announced it on the twitter wire this morning so it is only fitting that I explain in a little more detail. I have officially put in my resignation to Wofford and accepted a full time position at HubSpot. For those of you who don’t know about HubSpot maybe you are familiar with Website Grader, Twitter Grader, and Press Release Grader? HubSpot specializes in Inbound Marketing and helping small business get found online. So first of the year this southern boy is taking his flip flops and moving north to Boston.

What Happens to .eduGuru?

Well as you know over the last few months this site has really outgrown me and we have a wonderful staff of excellent writers, presenters, and simply awesome people. There is no doubt .eduGuru is in the hands of an excellent team.  I will continue to post on the blog, though less frequently, and will be taking more of a supportive role. This site has grown beyond my wildest expectations and there are possibilities for us to provide services to the community that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible this time last year. I am counting on the group as a whole to come up with these initiatives and I can provide the behind the scenes push to help make them happen. As Nick frequently says “you are the web workers, I’m here to help turn you into Web Rockstars!”

The truth is I can see not being tied to an institution allowing me to give more to the community, keep reading…

The 411 on HubSpot

I have actually been freelancing with HubSpot since May so this has been a gradual move and the time just finally made sense. Yes, I am moving up to Boston the first of the year and will be working out of their corporate office full time. If I am going onboard full time I want to be fully committed.

website grader Parting is Such Sweet SorrowSimply put HubSpot gets it. I have been reading their blog for over a year and using their free services like Website Grader for even longer. Check this post I wrote months ago for more information about Website Grader.  Inbound Marketing is a more specific term for helping people and businesses get found online through search engines, social media, and blogs. The world truly is flat and anybody can do business with anyone else in the world at any time. They provide smart tools and business smart intelligence that directly result in leads, sales, and bottom line dollars. Through teaching, training, and offering the right tools they provide the mojo that can make any website be successful online.

If anyone is interested in hearing more I would love to talk with them in more detail about HubSpot. If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes I have drunk the kool-aid and really believe in there approach. I know it works because I’ve used the same fundamental approach to turn this blog into what I would consider a success.

The Rest of the 411

nucloud logo Parting is Such Sweet SorrowSince I’m coming clean I should probably come completely clean. I’ve been developing for months a new business with some partners, nuCloud. nuCloud is using the cloud computing hosting model to provide scalable multimedia services to colleges and universities. Our first services include hosted multimedia and interactive maps but new services are already in development even as these finish up in the pipeline.

You might have noticed the free eduRank tool I’ve mentioned in my presentations? eduRank takes college website traffic from multiple tools applies some logic and ranks your college’s domain against other institutions.  A really cool benchmarking tool if I do say so myself.

So check out the site, subscribe to the blog, try eduRank, follow nuCloud on Twitter and we’ll have exciting news coming soon.

Thank You

The support has been overwhelming positive and I want to thank everyone. You truly are an incredible network and one that I’m so blessed to be a part.  I truly am humbled by all the positive replies this morning on twitter and encouragement I have received from Wofford. I promise this isn’t the end. I have lots of ideas and projects in the works so this isn’t the last you will hear of me.

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This post was written by:

Kyle James

Kyle James - who has written 227 posts on .eduGuru

Kyle is currently the Customer in Residence at HubSpot, a Co-Founder at nuCloud and  formerly the webmaster at Wofford College. Kyle is an active contributor in the social media spectrum. Although his background is technical, he claims to know a thing or two about marketing, but mostly that revolves around SEO, analytics, blogging, and social media. He has spoken at multiple national conferences and done countless webinars on topics ranging from e-mail marketing to social media and Web analytics. He's definitely a fairly nice guy.

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34 Responses to “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow”

  1. Avatar image
    Bradjward Says:

    Hey man, thank YOU for being a part of this awesome community. I know we’ll keep in touch. I’ll come see you in Boston for sure. :) Congrats on the exciting life event!

  2. Avatar image
    Barb Chamberlain Says:

    Funny timing-I just had a call from someone at HubSpot this morning, because I’d signed up for a webinar. I’ll keep following & look forward to more great resources.

    Your tweet about this led me here, which led me to try eduRank for the first time (and send a question via the comment form there). The world is definitely flat.


  3. Avatar image
    kathleen vandervelde Says:

    Congrats, Kyle - this has got to be so exciting for you! I know you’re going to do all those great things you’re dreaming of. Best of everything to ya (and I hope you got some warm mittens)

  4. Avatar image
    Paul Roetzer Says:

    Great news, Kyle! Look forward to working with you.


  5. Avatar image
    Andy Shaindlin Says:

    Congratulations, Kyle and good luck.

  6. Avatar image
    Yoav Shapira Says:

    Congratulations, and good luck! We’re psyched to have you.

    Bring a winter coat ;)

  7. Avatar image
    Paul Redfern Says:

    Congrats Kyle

  8. Avatar image
    Gordon Ryan Says:

    As I mentioned earlier today, congrats and welcome to frigid New England ;)

  9. Avatar image
    Gidseo Says:

    Congratulations and I trust you’ll have challenge and fun at HubSpot.

  10. Avatar image
    Michael Stoner Says:

    Kyle, congratulations! Hubspot is lucky to have snagged you and you’ll enjoy living in a more civilized place. [Only half joking about that part: Boston is an incredibly dynamic environment.] Michael

  11. Avatar image
    Dave deBronkart Says:

    Excellent! I’m not surprised, you’ve been my best “support” person at HubSpot, of the non-employee flavor. My company is already acting based on your recommendations.

    See you ’round!

  12. Avatar image
    Susan Says:

    AH! Kyle! Congrats. Was out sick yesterday so I missed all the news.

    HubSpot is fortunate to have you. So is Boston. When I come up that way next summer for a baseball game, I’ll look you up!

  13. Avatar image
    Karen Rubin Says:

    Yay Kyle! We can’t wait to have you up here! I hope you have been polishing up your Foosball skillz.


  14. Avatar image
    Todd Says:

    Congrats, again. Might be visiting you this summer, so buy a nice couch.

    I remember 11 years ago from this January when I moved from warm Louisiana to frigid Green Bay.

    Moving Tip: Replace your vehicle’s washer fluid w/ the stuff that doesn’t freeze. Imagine doing 75mph on a snow covered highway in northern Illinois and watching your windshield turn to a sheet of ice - good times, good times.

    Good luck, and have FUN!

  15. Avatar image
    Susan Says:

    @Todd-What part of warm Louisiana? I’m originally from the Baton Rouge area…and Oklahoma was cold enough for me. GREEN BAY!?!??!


  16. Avatar image
    Todd Says:

    @Susan - Leesville, LA. Home of a Sonic and WalMart and not much else. :)

  17. Avatar image
    Ellie Mirman Says:

    Woohoo! Very excited to have you joining us (finally :) ). Certainly a lot of fun times in store…

  18. Avatar image
    J. Todd Bennett Says:

    Best of luck with both HubSpot and nuCloud- Boston will be a great opportunity, both personally and professionally! Very exciting times, indeed. I’ll be announcing a new venture of my own pretty soon!

  19. Avatar image
    Drew Says:

    Wow. Good luck with your move Kyle. Boston is a great place to live. I’ve learned alot from the things you’ve posted on this blog.

  20. Avatar image
    Tom Williams Says:

    Way to go, Kyle. What an amazing opportunity. Let’s be sure to stay in touch as I am very impressed with Hubspot and may be able to use a lot of what you guys are working on.

  21. Avatar image
    Andrew Careaga Says:

    Fantastic news, Kyle. You’ve definitely made a great impact on the higher ed blogging world in a very short time. My hat is off to you.

  22. Avatar image
    Dave Baker Says:

    Congrats Kyle, and thanks for your huge contribution to the higher ed community; I hope we can learn more from you in your new role. Good luck and dress warm.

  23. Avatar image
    Paula Says:

    Congratulations Kyle! Boston is a great city and this sounds like a great opportunity. Best of luck.

  24. Avatar image
    Heidi Cool Says:

    Best wishes Kyle,
    I hope you enjoy life in New England. I recommend eating a lot of lobster and visiting Maine in the summer.

  25. Avatar image
    Sarah Says:

    Congratulations! I missed this notice earlier somehow. I’m in Boston too; always good to have more web talent in the area. What exactly will you be doing with HubSpot?

  26. Avatar image
    Fish Houses Says:

    Lots and lots of lobster. I would spend every weekend eating lobster! That’s the best way to enjoy Maine!!!

  27. Avatar image
    Billigt bredbånd Says:

    wow, gratz Kyle and good luck to you!

  28. Avatar image
    harry Says:

    I dont know anything about hubspot. Is that hub increase our visitor?. Anyone has an experience?

  29. Avatar image

    I first time here and found this site very useful for those who are running online business. I was not apprise about Hub Stop. Wonderfully described by you in this post.

  30. Avatar image
    Chris Jewell Says:

    Came across this post which took me to HubSpot. Good information to help with SEO of any business website.

  31. Avatar image
    Otto Weld Says:

    Hi, what blog platform is this? Is it working for you or..? I would really like it if you could answer this question! Regards!


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